18 Women That Feel Quite Confident About Their Manicures

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Manicures have become an integral part of many girls’ beauty routines, whether they do it themselves or go to a nail salon. And it’s not just about filing the nails and covering them with polish. We have seen so many variations of nail designs online that we couldn’t help but share them with you.

“It’s not perfect, but lately, I just love nail stamping.”

“My manicurist gave me the Game of Thrones manicure of my dreams. She hand-painted all of them!”

“An attempt at rose quartz nails”

“Ruby nails with snowflakes in them”

“I drew Geralt and his women on my nails.”

“’They look okay if I don’t study them too closely,’ I tell myself as I study them very closely and nit-pick every detail.”

“Even my husband is proud of my water marble.”

“Got my nails done yesterday, told her she could do anything she wanted. I’m obsessed.”

When you can’t afford pretty faceted gems so you have to make them yourself

“To the lady I met who said that I ’must not be able to do anything cute’ with my short nails...”

Hazy mountains and forest

“I always loved playing Monopoly during long hurricane power outages in Florida, so I decided to paint a Monopoly-inspired manicure.”

Cat-eye nails

“My boyfriend specifically requested a purple and silver mani. Little did I know the silver was to match my new engagement ring!”

“I couldn’t decorate my cap for graduation, so I did my nails! Over the top, I know, I know. My mom said, ’Those are terrible.’”

“I was so proud of this, then my boyfriend saw it and said, ’Oh, I thought it looked like your nails were dirty.’”

“My husband said he missed the times when I did my nails without stamping, so since he loves sheep, here’s my new manicure!”

7 layers of polish

Bonus: “I gave my 2-year-old niece complete artistic freedom with my nail polish...”

A manicure is a type of art and part of the fashion industry. It consists of certain techniques and trends. Some people keep a close watch on popular styles and choose a nail design accordingly, while others prefer more classic options. What do you prefer: experimental or classic nails?

Preview photo credit superlumenal / Reddit


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