16 People Who Bought Truly Valuable Items for Pennies

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Going shopping at the thrift store is a cheaper way to purchase not only clothes and accessories, but also bigger things. People have found bicycles, kitchen gadgets or even an entire living room in these stores. And the prices are guaranteed to be lower than in other retail stores. Sometimes you get way too lucky and find treasures you never imagined you could own for those prices.

1. “Found a vintage Christian Dior fur coat today.”

  • I would buy that and keep it in my closet for the rest of my life even if it didn’t fit, even if I had nowhere to wear it to. I was confused because like 10.75? No way. So I checked the price on the picture. Wow. Amazing. Olivineyes / Reddit

2. “I found an early 1960s (according to the label) Wilson Folmar. And it even has pockets! It was only $12.99.”

3. “Today I found this incredible vintage silk sequin dress that I would absolutely live in if I could.”

  • With your hair and coloring this is stunning! You should definitely do an editorial style photoshoot. hmmconnecticut / Reddit

4. “Found this unmarked 18k gold bracelet for $5.”

5. A Nanette Lepore dress for $1

6. “Found the bike of my dreams for $10! All she needed was some new tires and a wash.”

7. “Bought this 1960s mini dress at a thrift store for just $5. Look how nice it looks on my 63-year-old mom!”

8. “I bought this ring for $75 at a vintage clothing show. It wasn’t marked for metal content, just had a HOB mark. It turned out to be a platinum ring with a sapphire and diamonds.”

9. “This is my best find. I bought a pair of Valentino shoes in my size for only $80. They retailed for $975.”

10. “Thrifted this 1960s honeymoon set back in February for $10 (included a nightgown and dressing robe).”

11. “I bought this necklace for $20. I’d pay the same price even if it was silver-plated, but it’s real silver, just unmarked.”

12. “$1,200 La Pavoni Europiccola espresso maker for $6.50 at Goodwill. My coffee dreams have now been fulfilled.”

13. “A $15 thrift store find turned into my best friend’s gorgeous prom dress.”

14. “Flea market find. Marked 14k, and I only paid $4. It was in a big box of random, mostly Monet, costume jewelry.”

15. “I found this beautiful vintage Jean Paul Gaultier coat for $8 at a dusty old thrift store.”

16. “Found this $2,000+ Monique Lhuillier designer dress for $12 while scavenging through a thrift store. 99.5% off ain’t too shabby, I suppose!”

Preview photo credit lycra-and-leggings / Reddit


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