20 Pet Pics That Prove Time Flies When We Have a Furry Best Friend

year ago

Petting a dog can reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and being a cat person can increase your self-esteem, claim different studies. That means pets are the gift that keeps on giving and that every second with them is precious. From tiny puppies to adults, it’s certainly a joy to watch them grow alongside us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything is a sucker for animal photos, so we bring you a nostalgic compilation of side-by-side photos of pets and their owners.

1. “My good boy grew so much this year.”

2. “From a smol pupper to a big ol’ doggo”

3. “1 and a half year makes a lot of difference.”

4. “Chico has grown too fast.”

5. “Somebody put miracle grow in my puppy’s food I swear.”

6. From teeny-weeny to massive in just 2 years.

7. “Our first Christmas together vs our fourteenth Christmas together!”

8. “Still loves to sit on my shoulder.”

9. “My husband shrunk and my dog grew.”

10. “My boy then and now. He did not appreciate me trying to recreate this photo.”

11. “He helped me get through a very tough year. Couldn’t have done it without him.”

12. “3 years ago today we brought Clancy home, our Siberian Forest cat.”

13. “I love that the cat has the exact same expression as a kitten and an adult!”

14. She looks identical, but we can’t say the same about the dog.

15. 20 years later and the cat still enjoys a good lap.

16. “The first day we brought our Evie home compared to a year later. Our pup is definitely a daddy’s girl.”

17. “I am blessed, he is an amazing companion.”

18. “Our German Shepherd grew up so fast!”

19. Growing up together

20. “My dog turned 16 today. Had her since she was born.”

Do you have a photo of your pet as a puppy? We’d love to see it.

Preview photo credit gregarious_ / Reddit


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