20 Satisfying Pics That Feel Like a Soothing Massage for the Eyes

2 years ago

In this fast-paced and busy world, it’s nice to sit back and relax from time to time. And when we see things flawlessly organized or aligned, we feel a sense of calm that helps soothe our eyes and mind. It’s like everything is right and the world can be perfect — even if it’s just in a photo.

Now I’ve Seen Everything invites you to give your senses a break by taking a look at these 20 visually satisfying photos.

1. “Tailoring the detail that is in retail.”

2. Droplets on a car windshield create an amazing ombre effect during sunset.

3. “This burger bun that I made!”

4. “After 20 years of working at the same place, I vowed to finish a pen, then I finished the box.”

5. Perfectly rounded

6. This waffle fits perfectly in the cup.

7. The American Midwest colors make the house look like it came straight out of Toy Story!

8. Morning butter fractals

9. “I’m a chef who’s oddly satisfied by keeping my tickets neat. No matter how busy.”

10. “Had a day off and did this for my wife.”

11. Nature is still the best colorist.

12. “When you unwrap the perfect Reese’s cup:”

13. “My mom works at Amazon, and she sent me a photo of one of the trucks she loaded.”

14. “My 7-layer jello, perfectly aligned”

15. The trim on this tree hedge forming gates and giving fairy tale vibes

16. The yogurt arrangement at this market is on fleek.

17. The way the succulent’s offshoot created a heart.

18. The perfect marshmallow doesn’t exi-

19. “My friend’s basement organization is something else.”

20. “The way these pumpkin seeds lined up after a swish in the water.”

Have you ever captured everyday things that were oddly pleasant? Please share your thoughts and photos with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit LucyandMikes-Dad / Reddit


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