15+ Confusing Setups That Can Make Anyone Turn Red

year ago

When a confusing situation occurs, the least that we want is someone to learn about it. While other people would be turning red, the characters of our compilation were not feeling shy to share their confusing setups on the internet, and their posts were highly appreciated.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything decided to support the bravery of these people and share their stories.

“I walked out undressed (very briefly) this morning. Bless his heart, he was 100% professional and pretended he didn’t see anything.”

“My friend’s GF’s dad sent them an xxxxl cutting board for their housewarming by mistake.”

Someone’s nail got stuck in the elevator button

Groomer, you’re gonna answer for it!

“When you’re trying to make your dinner and the dog’s dinner at the same time, and accidentally dump dog food on your bruschetta tomatoes.”

“See those eggs? They are supposed to be in the pies. I made two hot oily chocolate garbage circles.”

“Went to an outlet mall to get some loafers. Found a nice pair that fit pretty well. You know why I couldn’t buy them?”

“Because they actually belonged to the guy sitting in his socks on the lil bench next to me.”

“It’s truly embarrassing how long it took me to realize why my car wasn’t starting.”

“Woke up to my dog barking. She was stuck and too embarrassed to look me in the eye.”

“My girlfriend’s way of protecting her UGGs — embarrassing.”

“I’m ashamed of how many times I tried to grab that fry. Yes, it’s printed.”

“Candle was super fragrant last night... now I know why!”

“My friend dropped a plant pot in their bathroom.”

“How my boyfriend wears his socks. They didn’t roll down on their own, he intentionally does this.”

“Brand new mouse. God, I’m such an idiot.”

“What 8 pens in a dryer look like”

“My boyfriend found my menstrual cup. He didn’t understand what it was. Here is how I found it.”

“My mother got embarrassed when she ’found my girlfriend’s panties’ on our kitchen table.”

Recently the author of this article accidentally bumped into the same man 3 times while shopping in a grocery store. We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know for sure you also have such stories to share. Waiting for them in the comments! Together we will make super cool new articles.

Preview photo credit iuliolita / Reddit


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