A Woman Discovers a Genius Way to Use a Tampon to See If Her Boyfriend Is Cheating

8 months ago

A highly curious woman has gained widespread attention on TikTok for sharing a video detailing the extraordinary measures she took to investigate whether her cherished boyfriend had been unfaithful. Her discovery of an unfamiliar tampon in his room prompted an ingenious solution that sparked a multitude of reactions, leaving viewers torn between labeling her a “genius or psycho”.

It all started with a seemingly innocuous discovery.

Meet Lois, a young woman living in the UK, whose remarkable investigative skills garnered significant attention on the internet, likened to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Lois shared her story, recounting her first stay at her boyfriend’s university house. It was during this visit that she stumbled upon a tampon and a mascara, discreetly concealed beneath his wardrobe. The discovery occurred as Lois playfully leaned back while sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, noticing the seemingly innocent items.

In her video, Lois detailed the conversation she had with her boyfriend regarding the mysterious belongings. He adamantly denied any knowledge of their origin and suggested they might have belonged to the previous occupant of the room.

Expressing her unease, Lois quipped, “When you find a tampon and mascara under your boyfriend’s wardrobe, and they deny everything, you have to investigate yourself.” It was at this juncture that a brilliant plan began to form in her mind.

Lois opted for a more strategic approach instead of making scenes.

In her video, Lois meticulously documented her investigation. “There’s a tampon and a mascara under Finn’s wardrobe, and he’s in denial that he’s had a girl here,” she narrated.

“I’m not even joking it’s right there. There’s not enough dust on it to be old,” she emphasized while reaching under the wardrobe to retrieve the items.

Subsequently, Lois took the initiative to contact Tampax in order to determine the tampon’s production date. Employing her investigative skills akin to those of Sherlock Holmes, she utilized the tampon’s serial number to extract further information, enabling her to piece together the timeline of her relationship with her beloved.

Lois received a response from an employee named Grace, who informed her that the tampon had been manufactured on December 11, 2019. Fortunately, this date preceded the commencement of her relationship with her partner.

The reaction from the netizens was highly controversial.

The latest video from Sherlock has garnered over 9 million views, sparking a range of reactions. Many viewers commended her ingenious determination in unraveling the mystery surrounding the tampon. One woman couldn’t help but wonder, “I’m not sure if this is genius or borderline psycho,” while another enthusiastically exclaimed, “This is amazing.”

However, not everyone shared the same sentiment. Some individuals considered it a “red flag” and urged her to “trust her boyfriend,” while others staunchly defended the inquisitive woman.

One user humorously pointed out, “So funny how it’s all men pointing out she’s a red flag, when women just get it,” while another chimed in, “Why is everyone taking this, so seriously it’s actually very, very funny.”

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