Adam Driver Slapped Back to Rudeness About How He Looks With His Thoughtful Response

2 months ago

Adam Driver is being praised for how he handled a tricky situation in an interview with Chris Wallace. When told he doesn’t look like a “typical movie star,” which upset some people, he stayed calm and answered questions about his appearance politely, garnering respect from the audience.

The interview had a rocky beginning.

Adam, who is presently promoting his upcoming film, Ferrari, participated in journalist Chris Wallace’s Max series, Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace, to talk about the upcoming project. However, during the interview, Chris, aged 76, decided to inquire about how Adam, aged 40, felt his physical appearance has influenced his acting career.

Chris initiated the conversation by mentioning the comparisons drawn between Adam — recognized for his Oscar-nominated performances in movies like Marriage Story and BlacKkKlansman — and renowned actors such as Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson. When questioned about these comparisons, Adam responded, “That’s very nice. Those are the actors that made me want to be an actor, so that’s a nice comparison.”

Adam expressed that while he appreciates the positive comparisons, he tries not to internalize or focus too much on them. He acknowledged that alongside the positive feedback, he also encounters negative reviews or criticism, and therefore attempts not to let either the praise or the criticism affect him deeply.

It only went downhill.

Chris proceeded to mention that Adam doesn’t fit the mold of a “typical movie star.” Chris then inquired if this had affected Adam’s career positively or negatively, to which Adam seemed momentarily surprised by the question. However, he promptly replied, saying, “I’ve worked consistently, which is nice, with people I always dreamed that I wanted to work with.”

Despite that, Chris persisted, asking whether he had ever thought if his career would have been “easier” had he resembled Robert Redford. Adam paused briefly once more before responding, “Yeah, but it would just be different. I would be giving something off.”

After the interview, people can’t seem to agree on what they saw and heard. The split in opinions shows how different people can see the same thing in very different ways.

Some followers found Chris’s question offensive and his behaviour — inappropriate:

Some mentioned that it is a common question:

  • He didn’t call him ugly. He does look “different”, as in unique. Girls get asked these questions all the time. © reh_gal_axy / Twitter

Everyone looks different. Each person has their own special appearance that makes them unique. This diversity is what makes people interesting and special.


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