Blake Lively Showed Her Growing Daughters, and People Noticed an Intriguing Detail

2 weeks ago

Multifamily parents Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds rarely show their four children. However, recently Blake attended a concert with her two daughters. Looking at their photos, people noticed an intriguing detail.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ daughters made a rare public appearance, joining their mother at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show in Madrid on May 29. Videos shared on social media captured the family enjoying the concert from the VIP section, where fans couldn’t help but notice the girls’ striking resemblance to their famous mother.

Lively went for a laid-back but trendy vibe during the outing, sporting a neat white button-up shirt paired with denim shorts and stylish gold hoop earrings. Her blonde hair was styled in a loose, pretty down-do, adorned with clips that added a touch of flair with a side part.

The mother and daughters appeared to be thoroughly enjoying the performance, engaging in socializing and exchanging bracelets. Videos capturing their outing have been widely circulated on social media platforms.

However, fans were quick to notice the strong resemblance between Lively and her daughters, flooding social media with comments. Admirers gushed over the girls, saying things like, “They have their momma’s face. So cute,” “Blake with her minis,” or “Blake’s babies look like their mama, and I’m sure they’re kind too!!” someone else wrote.

On the contrary, another fan noticed a resemblance to her husband, writing, “They look so much like Ryan.”

Now, people are buzzing with speculation about whether Swift has revealed the name of Lively and Reynolds’ fourth child in her latest album. This is because Swift often includes their kids’ names in her songs.

Reynolds humorously addressed the speculation, saying, “We always wait for Taylor to tell us what the child’s name will be.”


After the birth of their fourth child, Blake admitted that motherhood is exhausting. She shared on her Instagram Stories, “I have 4 kids now. And I’m tired.” However, in recent photos, she looks rested and happy. It seems the Reynolds-Lively couple truly enjoys parenthood. At some point, Blake confessed, “I’ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could.”

Ryan Reynolds, known for his humor and wit, also draws inspiration from his role as a father of four in his latest project, Bedtime Stories. The series showcases Reynolds’ storytelling skills as he narrates funny and imaginative tales for children. Through this project, Reynolds combines his love for fatherhood with his passion for entertaining audiences, creating a show that brings joy to both kids and adults.

“The idea for a show made to help everyone fall asleep was born the same day as my fourth child,” he said.

All four children of the couple are girls. Ryan Reynolds has openly admitted that he is happy about this and wouldn’t want to have sons.


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