Brooke Shields, 58, Blames Herself for the Youth Beauty Mistakes and Regrets of Wrong Priorities

5 months ago

The fact that former supermodel Brooke Shields consistently appears stunning, whether she’s on the red carpet or in everyday life, is widely known. And despite the fact that now she takes care of her skin every day and shares her main tips, the 58-year-old actress confessed to a beauty mistake she made in her younger ages.

She didn’t prioritize skincare at a young age.

Despite the fact that today Brooke has a beauty regimen and her own tips, she confessed that skincare didn’t always occupy a prominent place in her thoughts during her upbringing.

“I never really spent a great deal of time on my skin or my face because it was a job to me, the minute I would finish work I would wash all the makeup off my face. I really didn’t prioritize as much as I should have,” she said.

She also rarely applied sunscreen.

Being in the sun for too long might lead to premature wrinkles and fine lines. Although the award-winning actress knows the importance of protecting her skin against the sun, she admits it wasn’t always the case.

“I wish I had worn more sunscreen as a kid. I was from the era of, you put baby oil [on] and you put tin foil around a record, and you hold it...and you just try to get all the sun that you can get — which is terrible for you,” she said. Shields now protects her skin against the sun all year round. “Even though it might be winter, I still know my skin needs UV protection,” she added.

Now Brooke has simple beauty routine — she massages her face with a roller.

The Endless Love actress now takes much better care of her skin. Although she can easily afford the most luxurious facial treatments, she says that using something as affordable as a facial roller helps her freshen up her skin in the morning. “The circulation that I feel when I roll...there’s like a pinker quality to my skin. And I feel like it’s waking up my face, waking up my skin,” she shared.

She uses rich skincare products at night.

Our skin regenerates while we’re sleeping, and it’s the perfect time to apply moisturizers with a richer texture without having to worry about a shiny face. Shields says she likes a nourishing balm you can wash off without using hot water. “It’s anti-inflammatory, it has a really great texture (and doesn’t need a soap to remove it), but my skin still feels moisturized after. I don’t do the vitamin C at night; I do the vitamin A little ampules,” she said.

She prepares her lips for makeup.

Dermatologists explain that, in contrast to the skin on other parts of your body, your lips lack sebaceous glands. These tiny glands connect to hair follicles and are in charge of generating the oil that maintains the skin’s softness and hydration. That is why it is important to take special care of lips.

Shields says: “This is my favorite, it’s a lip sleeping mask”. Leave-on lip mask features a distinctive moisture wrap element. Upon applying the product across her lips, the actress concludes her skincare regimen by exclaiming: “I feel glowy, I feel refreshed, I feel ready”.

Brooke Shields is an iconic actress and model who still inspires a lot of women. But she is also a human being and has her own regrets, not only about skincare. Lately, she has reveals heart-wrenching truths about herself. No matter what, thousands of fans all over the world admire not only Brooke, but other supermodels who are becoming even more radiant with age.


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