18 Kind Stories That Prove Everyone Can Become a Superhero in the Right Place at the Right Time

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We live in a world where people rarely extend a helping hand to strangers. But good and kind deeds work both ways: they bring joy not only to those who are helped but also to the helpers themselves.

  • I found a thumb drive once that had a lot of seemingly important files. And someone’s surname repeatedly appeared in them. I searched social networks and found a girl with this surname. Turned out she was that man’s daughter. I gave her my phone number. Her father called me that evening, then came to take his thumb drive and said that it was his birthday and that the information on that thumb drive was very important to him.
  • I got 2 free ballet tickets at work. That day, I was walking in the park and noticed a sweet-looking old lady. I don’t know what got into me, but I sat next to her and offered her my tickets. She didn’t believe it at first, but then she became so happy! She said that she loved ballet but hadn’t been to a performance for a very long time because tickets were very expensive. She then said that she was going to call her friend and invite her too and was thanking me for a long time.
  • I lived in a dorm, and in the kitchen, only 2 burners out of 9 worked properly. Once, in the morning, I came to the kitchen to make breakfast, and the working burners had already been taken by someone else, so I put my pan on a bad burner. After some time, I came back to check on my food and was surprised to see that someone was kind enough to move my pan to a good burner (after it became available). Maybe it wasn’t something significant, but still, it was an act of kindness.
  • One time, I was at a gas station and locked my keys in my car. It was really cold and I only had a T-shirt on. The gas station was only a little booth so I couldn’t hide inside. Some random guy came up to me and asked if I needed help. I said, “Yeah, my grandma’s coming but not for another hour,” so he gave me his sweatshirt so I wouldn’t be cold. It became one of my favorite sweatshirts, reminding me of this random act of kindness. © jogndq / Reddit
  • I was traveling on a crowded commuter train. I was standing face to face with a young man, and we made eyes at each other. Suddenly, I realized that the music in my earphones became quieter, and then I stopped hearing the train itself. I raised my eyes to look at the guy, and the last thing I remember was the expression of terror on his face. The following 30 seconds are blank (I passed out), but this young man managed to catch me. I was given a seat, some people passed me some water from one side of the car, and some other people passed me a chocolate bar from the other side of the car. And then 2 passengers walked me outside to get a taxi.
  • The most touching thing in my life I witnessed was when I was at my friend’s. She and her boyfriend had been living together for 7 years, and they started dating when still at school. We stayed with them for a couple of days while we were in town, and on the first day, we all went together to explore the city and returned only in the evening, rather tired. So, we sat down to watch TV. We (the guests) were sitting on the sofa, and the hosts were sitting on the floor. And at some point, he began to massage her feet and every single toe. She didn’t ask him to do it, and he didn’t ask her if she wanted a massage. This was so natural and homey. They didn’t even stop looking at the screen.
  • I was standing in line at the check-out at a supermarket. An old lady was paying for her few purchases, like milk, bread, and some cookies, but it turned out that she didn’t have enough money. She looked embarrassed and tried to figure out what she could cancel. Suddenly, a woman who was standing in line right behind her said, “I’ll pay for it.” She asked the cashier to check out the purchases of the old lady together with her own. The old lady almost cried with happiness. She tried to give that woman the money that she had, but the woman refused.
  • Once, pigeons built a nest and laid eggs on our balcony. 2 birdlings hatched. The older they became, the longer their parents were away from the nest — probably the way it should be. There was a big storm once, and the birdlings were alone in the nest and got really wet. So my daughter went to the balcony and opened an umbrella — she was standing next to the birdlings with this umbrella until the rain stopped.
  • My cousin once told me a wonderful story that was related to my family. That year, my cousin’s family was struggling financially, plus her husband got really sick. She and her little daughter came to visit my mom (her aunt) for a couple of days. At one point, my mom handed her some money, saying, “Just don’t tell my husband!” It’s worth mentioning that my dad was rather stingy and practical. This is why it was even more amazing to hear how this story ended. On the last day, when my cousin and her daughter were supposed to leave, my father pulled her aside and handed her an envelope with money, saying, “Here, take it. Just don’t tell my wife!”
  • I live in a dorm. Once, I caught a cold and was sitting in my room, coughing. I heard someone knocking on the wall and saying, “Are you ill there?” I confirmed. 5 minutes later, my neighbor came in and brought me a cup of hot tea with sage, saying, “There. Get well!”
  • I attend yoga classes a few times a week. So, I get up at 5 a.m. (the classes start at 6:30), and my husband usually gets up much later, at about 8 a.m. And today, I woke up not to my alarm clock but to my husband’s. I asked him, “Why are you getting up so early?” And he replied, “I’ll take you to your yoga class.” To me, it was a real act of kindness from him because I know how hard it is for him to wake up so early. I think this just made me realize that my husband would do anything he could for me. I love him.
  • When I was in college, a famous rock band was going to give a concert in our town, and all our friends were going to attend it. They were older than us and had jobs. But my boyfriend and I couldn’t afford the tickets, so we had to pretend that we didn’t really want to go to this concert. You can imagine how surprised we were when they bought us 2 tickets and gave them to us as a birthday present.
  • My daughter lost her phone and was really upset. 3 days later, someone called me. Our neighbor found it and returned it to us. But my daughter lost her phone when it was raining, and the phone should have been totally wet. We opened the back cover and saw that there was a different battery inside, and it was dry and clean. Perhaps the man even fixed it.


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