Celebrities Are Refusing to Wear Pants, and Here’s What We Know About the Hottest Trend

3 months ago

The latest trend in fashion appears to cater exclusively to the daring. Celebrities are boldly stepping out sans pants, deliberately assembling stylish ensembles with underwear as their sole bottomwear. Whether flaunting panties or briefs, with or without stockings, their audacious confidence is truly admirable! Witness their fearless fashion choices firsthand.

The celebrity world is currently abuzz with the «no-pants» trend, which is swiftly gaining momentum.

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For some, it’s a nightmare; for others, a bold fashion statement. The gradual disappearance of pants from runway and red carpet looks has been noted, with some attributing the beginning of this shift to the bike-shorts trend. This evolution has significantly influenced the clothing choices of celebrities in the present day.

Back in 2017, Kim Kardashian captivated the public’s attention when she attended the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards, donning see-through leggings with her underwear visibly showcased.

Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News, © irinashayk / Instagram

One of the most memorable instances of the recent «no-pants» trend occurred last year when Irina Shayk made a bold statement at the 76th Cannes Film Festival in May 2023. She stunned attendees by wearing solely a see-through dress, lingerie, and a jacket.

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Emma Corrin, renowned for her affinity for bold and provocative fashion statements, joined her fellow stars in embracing the trend. At the 80th Venice International Film Festival in September 2023, The Crown star turned heads by donning Miu Miu underwear paired with a coordinating cardigan.

They dress like this anywhere.

Celebrities aren’t just rocking this trend in events. It also seems to be a day-to-day pick. Actress and model, Julia Fox, was seen grocery shopping in underwear in May 2022. One year later, she was photographed donning just briefs from the waist down as she pumped gas.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News

Kristen Stewart has emerged as a prominent advocate for the «no-pants» trend in recent months. The star is frequently spotted flaunting such looks not only on the streets of New York, where she captures the attention of paparazzi, but also on red carpets.

During the premiere of Love Lies Bleeding, the 33-year-old star made a daring fashion statement by wearing a chic ensemble from the prestigious French fashion house Chanel. She opted for a backless, ultra-high-cut bodysuit adorned with delicate straps below her shoulders, elegantly showcasing her bare back.

Meanwhile, another recent look of Kristen Stewart, featuring a mesh bra and suspenders, has received a very mixed reaction from fans.

Preview photo credit Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News, Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News, Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News


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