18 Photos That Made Us Stop Believing Our Own Eyes

2 months ago

Have you ever experienced moments when your eyes see one thing very clearly, but your brain understands that it’s impossible? We’re sure you have. It happened to us too. And our today’s heroes not only experienced such moments but also managed to capture them in photos. We bet you won’t immediately figure out what is depicted in the pictures.

How is that possible?

  • The light is coming from just the right angle that it makes the slight curve in the cord look like a loop in the shadow. © Nagoragama / Reddit

It’s not what you think it is.

“My friend and his scuba diver doll”

“This banana car”

“The way this can of spray foam exploded”

“Don’t let the headhunters find him.”

“My sister lives in Florida and sends me some weird pictures of people. This was the most recent.”

“These 2 bananas I bought at the same time ripened at different speeds.”

“Are those cars underwater?”

Rock or baked potato?

“I have an autoimmune disorder that has made my natural hair color change 3 times in the last month.”

“This sign on a bike path in New Zealand warning us about ’frisky cows’”

“Dental crowns don’t glow under black light.”

“This garage door”

“This bald bird”

This semi-transparent building

“It’s just two bald men.”

“It’s a child jumping from behind. Below where the hairs touch you can see a part of her jacket.”

Yes, sometimes our eyes deceive us and the brain presents us with one image after another. Here’s another article with evidence that this happens all the time.


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