20+ Qualities That Make a Woman Truly Remarkable

3 months ago

In the Middle Ages, it was the wives of British lords who held the title of «ladies». In today’s world, this word has a broader meaning. A lady in today’s world is a woman who can behave herself in any situation. Whether it’s a meeting with an old friend or in an elite society. People turn and look at her in awe as she passes, and even the most ardent cynics and skeptics can’t help but compliment her.

Of course, true ladies have little secrets that help them stay on top. In the end, a lady is a woman who commands and gives respect, within reason. We found out what details indicate to those around us that they are dealing with a true aristocrat.

  • A lady can accept compliments, she knows she is worthy of kind words, and she will always respond with gratitude (a short «Thank you!» is enough) and a polite smile. She will never start a feigned argument and refute the praise — this could embarrass the person giving the compliment.
  • One of the most important rules is to look into the eyes of the person you’re talking to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend, relative, child, adult, waiter, or boss. It’s unacceptable to look at the wall, someone’s tie, or someone else’s shoes while talking. Looking someone in the eye shows that you’re focused on the conversation, not distracted by other things, and therefore not allowing yourself to be disrespectful to the person you’re talking to.
  • Learn proper greeting etiquette. Bow or curtsy when appropriate. The main rule to remember is that in everyday life, outside of work, it’s the younger generation who should greet the older one first. When it comes to work hierarchies, it’s the person with a higher position who should greet his or her subordinates first. This is true regardless of age.
  • When sitting in a chair or armchair, a lady either puts her hand on top of the other or keeps it «locked».
  • Another important rule that a lady will never break is to watch her posture — both in public and when she is alone. A straight back and shoulders are her calling card in any situation. It also contributes to the health of many internal organs, not just the spine.
  • A lady can control her emotions. You won’t see eyes rounded with surprise on her face, nor will you see grimaces of hatred and anger. You won’t see a grin from ear to ear, either. She always keeps in mind that she should lower the level of her emotions: if she is furious, she can frown slightly. If she is super surprised, she can slightly raise her eyebrows and show her feelings with her eyes. A lady is always collected and calm, while her face and gestures are precise and moderate.
  • Her personal boundaries are sacred to her. Violation of them, both personal and physical, will not only be impossible for her to ignore, but will not be taken lightly. A lady won’t tolerate neglect or rudeness to herself, and knows how to politely show the overly freewheeling person she’s interacting with that putting a hand on her shoulder or touching her hair is only possible with permission. There is no need to argue or get into a conflict; a few pertinent phrases in a sustained, calm tone are enough to make the person who has slighted her feel that he has crossed a line.
  • Hurry and anxiety are signs of incontinence of emotion and thought. A woman at her level won’t allow herself to shake her leg, touch a tablecloth, or fiddle with a lock of her own hair. These behavioral markers scream that a person literally can’t control herself. It’s important for her to show herself and everyone else that she is the epitome of calm, dignity, and patience.
  • A napkin taken from a dining table should be placed on the lap, folded in half for lunch and left unfolded for dinner.
  • It’s not forbidden to put your elbows on the table. The main thing to keep in mind is that it can be done before the meal or during breaks between dishes.
  • Applying perfume to the skin is a personal process and should be done alone. It’s better to apply perfume to 2 places where the blood vessels are close to the skin — the wrists, the elbows, the middle of the chest, the temples, the area 2.5-3 centimeters below the earlobes. It’s also important to remember the main rule — everything is good in moderation. Also, remember the «outstretched arm rule,» which states that the scent of your perfume should be felt no farther than the distance of your outstretched arm.
  • A high-society woman’s makeup should enhance her natural beauty, not «paint» a new face over the old. Princess Diana’s makeup artist recommends sticking to natural tones and paying special attention to skin tone.
  • It’s better to avoid mentioning the names of people and places, including addresses, and to limit yourself to general information without details. For example, «I was at the Entrée café with my friend Rachel» should be replaced with "We stopped at a café for lunch. Also on the list of off-limits topics are health, politics, and religion.
  • When visiting a new country, it’s best to dress in a neutral style and make sure your knees, elbows, and collarbones are covered. To understand what style is acceptable in a particular country, look at the national dress code. When communicating with locals, be mindful of your choice of topics of conversation and the specifics of the local culture — for example, it’s better not to praise Chinese tea in Japan.
  • It’s better to wear minimal makeup and remove your lipstick completely when shopping. That way, you won’t risk staining your clothes when you try them on.
  • If you are traveling on an airplane and someone is behaving inappropriately on board and making you or others around you uncomfortable, inform the flight attendant. They have a protocol for this situation and are responsible for maintaining order on board. That’s why it’s better to communicate through them.
  • Don’t go under the table looking for a fork or spoon if you accidentally drop it. Ask for a new one from a waiter or host.
  • Do not touch the table with the cutlery you are using. Only place it on the side of your plate, not the tablecloth.
  • Don’t cut your entire meal into small pieces. It is believed that food gets cold faster and loses its flavor. It is better to cut one piece at a time and eat it immediately.
  • How to hold cutlery properly: A fork should be held with the tines pointing down so that you can use it to pick up pieces of food (rather than using it as a spoon, except when the food is soft, such as mashed potatoes). Your index finger should be placed against the handles of the fork and knife, and your other fingers should be placed around the handles.
  • According to etiquette, there are 2 ways to use cutlery — the classic European way and the American way. In the first tradition, the knife and fork should be held for the entire meal. You don’t put the knife down, even if you don’t need it. The American way says that you can put the knife on the side of the plate and then take the fork in your right hand.
  • If someone asks you to pass a fork or knife, pass it with the handle in front and hold it in the middle.
  • Avoid leaving lipstick stains on cloth napkins. As a general rule of thumb, napkins are placed on your lap and can be used to wipe your mouth while eating. It’s not recommended if you have lipstick on your lips, because a lipstick-stained napkin is a sign of bad manners. Try using tissues. If there are no tissues at your table, ask the waiter to bring some.

Manners may change, but kindness never goes out of style. But have you ever wondered what polite society considered proper behavior hundreds of years ago? Get ready for some surprises! In our next article, we’ll explore some strange and fascinating hygiene and etiquette rules people used to follow.


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