Dakota Johnson Wore Such a Revealing Dress That People Started Speculating She Was Promoting the 4th Part of Fifty Shades of Grey

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There are teasers circulating online for the fourth installment of the Fifty Shades of Grey 4: Revenge film series, and there’s even a trailer on YouTube. Dakota Johnson herself fueled the rumors by appearing on the red carpet in a shockingly revealing outfit. Here’s what we know about the release of the fourth film.

A lot of trailers started to appear online.


These trailers may appear legitimate with their colorful thumbnails and official-looking visuals, but they’re actually a compilation of footage from various movies and TV series. They may attempt to deceive us into believing it’s new material, but it’s really simply rehashed pieces with the same performers, such as Dakota Johnson. What about the thumbnails we saw? Probably from another movie she starred in.

Some of these falsified trailers even attempt to amaze viewers with special effects. They’ve been circling the internet for more than a year. But if you look closely, you’ll notice the poor lighting and amateurish editing. It’s like attempting to complete a puzzle with the incorrect pieces; it simply doesn’t fit.

Will there be a new Fifty Shades of Grey movie?

The Fifty Shades film trilogy is based on E.L. James’ popular novels. Even if the author has written a fourth section that tells the narrative from a completely different perspective, there is still no official confirmation that a new Fifty Shades film is in the works. So don’t expect a trailer very soon.

There’s a possibility they might reboot the film series since it was such a hit with fans. But until we receive an official confirmation, it’s all just speculation.

Fans adored Dakota’s style, but her recent outfit sparked discussions about her fashion choices.


Keep in mind, regardless of the glamorous outfits and rumors swirling about a new Fifty Shades movie, don’t hold your breath. The «news» circulating online is entirely fabricated. So, while we don’t have a new Fifty Shades film to look forward to just yet, we can still enjoy Dakota Johnson’s stunning style.

For example, in October 2019, the Fifty Shades of Grey star wowed everyone with a white silk two-piece dress. The shirt was short, with ruched detailing and tiny straps. The bottom had a tight waist that exposed some midriff and a long skirt that spilled to the ground.

Photos from the event quickly surfaced on Instagram, and many were amazed by Dakota’s bold costume. They filled social media with comments and followers lauded her appearance, stating «Love her style! 💚 Always stunning,» «This is her best look ever! 😍,» «Absolutely in love with this outfit!».
While many fans adored Dakota’s style, her latest premiere outfit sparked criticism among some of them.

Billy Bennight/AdMedia/SIPA/East News

At the Madame Web movie premiere in Los Angeles, Dakota Johnson wore a sparkling gown that grabbed attention. Critics disagreed about the outfit’s revealing nature, but it got people talking about the line between bold fashion and modesty, especially for her usual style. Some even said that she forgot to wear her underwear.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News

While many praised the look of the actress from Fifty Shades of Grey, others criticized the outfit as being too revealing compared to her usual style. One person commented, «Why? Not classy!» while another remarked, «Big mistake to wear that; she’ll regret that decision for a while.»

The form-fitting dress showcased the star’s fabulous figure and accentuated her curves perfectly, leading many to comment on Dakota’s breasts. One observer noted, «For 34, they are hanging quite low.» And another commentator suggested, «This gal needs to wear a bra.»

We find Dakota Johnson’s body stunning in her attire, and her confidence and genuine smile only add to her allure.

However, Dakota Johnson is not the only star whose outfit is being discussed worldwide. Recently, Nicole Kidman appeared in an open dress, showcasing an incredibly toned and beautiful figure. However, some people felt that such an outfit was not age-appropriate for her.

Preview photo credit Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, illy Bennight/AdMedia/SIPA/East News, Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News


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