“Time to Stop Dyeing the Hair,” People Mocked Kevin Costner’s New Look

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Kevin Costner captured everyone’s attention on the red carpet with his daring new appearance, igniting plenty of buzz. Adding to the occasion, he was joined by his teenage son, Hayes, making the event even more memorable.

The Cannes Film Festival has been buzzing, with celebrities showing off their most glamorous outfits. Kevin Costner really stood out, rocking a gray mustache along with his usual soul patch and looking totally different. His new look is probably for his lead role in Horizon: An American Saga, which he’s also directing.

Stepping onto the red carpet, the actor brought along a surprise guest — his son Hayes. Dressed in matching white suits, Kevin opted for a button-up shirt, while Hayes kept it relaxed in a gray t-shirt. Yet, it wasn’t just the father-son duo that turned heads; internet sleuths couldn’t help but notice the Yellowstone star’s striking transformation. Gone was the clean-shaven look, replaced by a bold mustache, and his hair now flaunted a vibrant reddish blonde hue.

Fans were thrilled to see Hayes with his dad, noting how much he takes after Kevin. But Kevin’s new hair color didn’t escape comment, with one fan suggesting it was time to let go of the dye, “Nice looking, son. Time to stop dyeing the hair,” one fan commented. Others wondered about the sudden change, and some even joked that maybe their hairdresser wasn’t doing them any favors.

On social media, some people didn’t even realize it was Kevin and wondered what happened to his hair. Others just wished he’d go back to his usual look.

Some folks didn’t like Kevin’s new look. One person said, “His hair looks ridiculous,” and another commented, “Kevin looks goofy,” while someone else added, “The dyed hair is hideous.” Another person just said, “Really bad look, Kev.”

He looks great to me! He could have changed his hair for a part he's going to be acting in.


His fans were not so drastic about Costner’s hair, considering him awesome and elegant:

But they were confused with other detail in his look:

Kevin Costner is a great example of how charisma can grow with years. Despite going through a breakup last year, he remains an enviable man.


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