“What Happened to You? Unrecognizable!” Shania Twain, 58, Shocked People With Her New Appearance

3 weeks ago

Shania Twain has always surprised fans with bright looks and colorful hair. But her recent transformation is much more dramatic than all her previous ones. The fact is that the singer’s face has changed so much that fans could not recognize the star.

The country star shared a photo of herself on Instagram, looking radiant with pink hair. She beams, sporting a big smile while gazing directly at the camera.

Twain looked absolutely radiant in the post; however, countless fans remarked that she looked very different from her usual self. One person wrote, “That picture does not even come close to looking like you,” while another noted, “What happened to you? Unrecognizable.” A third fan expressed their surprise by saying, “That’s not even her!”

People wrote, “I don’t recognize you either. This breaks my heart.”, “She used to be beautiful. Now she looks like every other woman who has had so much surgery you can no longer recognize them.”, “I don’t even recognize Shania. She had such a beautiful face, before this.”

Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News

This is a very unfair picture, you can tell she has a really bad makeup job, these colors clash with her skin, just dreadful. If she scrubbed it all off and just moisturized she would look10 times better than she looks right here!


That said, people couldn’t help but note how fabulous the 58-year-old is, and many showered her with compliments. One fan gushed, “Incredible — Living your best life.” Others described her as “beautiful” and an “icon.”

Although she is adamant that she never had any plastic surgery, nor does she plan to in the future, the photos sparked speculation that she may have indeed done cosmetic procedures before.

However, Shania has been called a “chameleon” by the media before due to the fact that she never settles for the same look for too long. On March 2024, there was yet another wave of similar comments, triggered by a photo she posted to her Instagram where she donned long pink hair.

Another star who surprised fans with her photo is Kristin Davis. She shared selfies taken after the actress dissolved fillers in her face.

Preview photo credit Shania Twain / YouTube, Collin Xavier/Image Press Agency ABACA/Abaca/East News, shaniatwain / Instagram


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