Jessica Simpson Shared a Controversial Photo on Instagram with One Detail that Confused the Followers

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Today, most celebrities have become even more attractive as ages go by. Jessica Simpson is one of the brightest examples. But recently she caused a stir with her stunning appearance in a vibrant neon green bikini paired with eye-catching pink heels. Despite Simpson’s undeniable beauty, a few individuals observed a specific aspect that prevented them from wholeheartedly endorsing the post.

A selfie that left no one indifferent.

The mother-of-3 shared a mirror selfie with her over 6 million Instagram followers that showed her physique after losing 100 pounds. She mentioned in her photo that the bikini was from SKIMS, which is Kim Kardashian’s line, while her shoes are from her own collection. She described her outfit: ’’Neon Energy.’’

The snap quickly received a lot of attention and praise from fans, who showered her with thousands of likes. One person wrote, “You look fantastic as always!” while another commented ’’42 and still a BOMBSHELL!" along with some fire emojis.

However, a few of her followers criticized the fact that Simpson was modeling Kim’s brand, noting that Simpson herself has her own line of clothing. Some of followers said: “You, yes. Skims, no. The brand, not how you look in them — you look gorgeous as always!”.

She loves experimenting with fashion.

Jessica isn’t just a singer and an actress. She is also a successful fashion mogul who started her own clothing brand, the Jessica Simpson Collection, back in 2005.

And speaking of her own style, the artist revealed that it is multifaceted and that it differs by occasion.

She has her own skincare journey.

Finding comfort in her own skin hasn’t always been a simple journey for Jessica Simpson. However, in her 40-s, she exudes more confidence than ever before. “In comparison to when I was 38, I have fewer wrinkles at 40!” revealed a mother of three.

Simpson’s enhanced skincare routine has played a significant role in minimizing the appearance of fine lines. She shared her main beauty routine and emphasized that she uses red light therapy treatments at home. Jessica said that she places the anti-inflammatory device everywhere on her body, including scalp, stomach and boobs.

Not once did Jessica the opinion that she embraced transparency. Simpson willingly shares her insecurities and imperfections, because if it can inspire anyone to feel more confident, then she thinks her purpose is fulfilled.

Embracing body confidence and emphasizing the significance of self-love for happiness is a cause we wholeheartedly support. Here are some articles that celebrate women who exude comfort in their own skin:


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