Suki Waterhouse Shared Honest Photos of Her Postpartum Body After Giving Birth to Her Daughter With Robert Pattinson

3 weeks ago

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson recently became parents for the first time. They have already revealed the baby’s sex — it’s a girl! Suki also candidly shared photos of her postpartum body on her Instagram.

© sukiwaterhouse / Instagram, FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / East News

Waterhouse, who has been in a relationship with Pattinson for more than five years, recently fueled engagement rumors with her partner after she was seen wearing a diamond ring. A source confirmed their engagement, noting that “They both want to be married. It’s important for them.”

Suki enjoyed her pregnancy and chose stunning outfits that accentuated her belly. Everyone eagerly awaited the birth of Suki and Robert’s first child. And now, after the baby was born, Suki continues to share her private life.

Suki Waterhouse is providing an honest update on her postpartum journey. On Monday, April 8, the 32-year-old actress shared a collection of mirror selfies on her Instagram. She was dressed in an open cardigan, revealing her belly, while wearing mom’s postpartum underwear and a bralette.

In her caption, she took a moment to acknowledge her postpartum experience as she navigates her new role as a mother.

«The fourth trimester has been... humbling! The postpartum period has been filled with exhilarating joy, so much laughter, tears, so many hormones!» Waterhouse wrote.

«I’m proud of everything my body has achieved and proud of the kindness and grace I’ve given myself during this recovery period. 💕.»

Earlier this month, Waterhouse introduced her and Pattinson’s newborn to the world through Instagram. The couple hasn’t disclosed the baby’s gender yet. In the photo, the new mother lovingly looked into the camera while cradling her baby, who was wrapped in a heart-patterned blanket.

«Welcome to the world, angel ❤️,» she captioned the moment.

Take a look at other celebrities who chose bold outfits during pregnancy, accentuating their baby bump rather than concealing it.

Preview photo credit sukiwaterhouse / Instagram, FREDERIC J. BROWN / AFP / East News, sukiwaterhouse / Instagram


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