Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s First Reunion Since Split Leaves People Worried

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In a touching show of solidarity, Jada Pinkett Smith attended Will’s special event, dazzling in a bold sheer dress. This occasion marked their first joint public appearance since Jada revealed they had been separated since 2016. Their two children, along with Will’s rarely-seen son from a previous marriage, were also present at the event.


At the Los Angeles premiere of Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Will Smith found himself embraced by love and encouragement from his family. Jada stood proudly beside him, clad in a sheer dress and wearing minimal makeup. This marked the initial public sighting of the couple together since they disclosed their separation.

Will’s children, Willow and Jaden, as well as Trey, were in attendance. They were joined by Jada’s mother, adding an extra layer of generational warmth to the affair. The family seized the opportunity for togetherness, cherishing moments and snapping photographs at the TCL Chinese Theatre.

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The event was nostalgic for Will, who reminisced about the time when “Bad Boys” first premiered and his children were just infants. Seeing them now, grown up and in their thirties, was an astonishing and touching experience for him. Will shared his emotions, saying, “It was beautiful seeing our kids together.”

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The family radiated cheerful affection and joy throughout the event, their unity on full display. This public demonstration of togetherness was particularly notable, especially in contrast to the recent premiere in Dubai, where Will and Jada noticeably kept their distance from each other.

Jada, present at the Dubai premiere, opted for individual photographs and snapshots with the movie’s co-directors instead of with Will. This choice follows her disclosure last year about the couple leading separate lives for seven years, discreetly parting ways in 2016, yet maintaining joint appearances at public events.

The internet is buzzing with commentary on the couple’s recent appearance, with many focusing on a common theme. “Not sure why they feel it’s necessary to appear together,” pondered one individual. “I don’t know why he still appears with his wife if they are separated... Time to let go and get your life back to normal!” remarked another.

However, contrasting opinions suggest that they might still be together. “They’re still trying, I don’t believe they ever separated.”

While some fans of the Hollywood couple continue to hold out hope for a reunion, Jada Pinkett herself hinted that “there’s no chance of them being happy together again.”

Preview photo credit MICHAEL TRAN/AFP/East News, Billy Bennight/AdMedia/SIPA/Sipa Press/East News


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