My Husband’s Mistress Came to My House with Their Baby, Revealing His Infidelity

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Even 10-year relationships can collapse suddenly and in the most unexpected ways. This woman found out about her husband’s infidelity, and now even her mother-in-law thinks that she acted improperly.

She shared what happened.

My common law husband and I, 40f and 41m, have been together for 10 years and I consider those years to be very loving and happy, but apparently not for him since he had a side piece.

I make furniture and make around €1M a year. My husband is a teacher. It goes without saying that I provide for us. I don’t ask what he does with his salary. We live way below our means however because we are both minimalists, but we have a big house, nice cars, and lots of art. Everything is mine, however.

Apparently, he met his side piece (f25) under false pretenses and told her that we were legally married, so he owned 1/2 my company and everything else I own. When she got pregnant, he started spending his salary on her (I wasn’t alarmed because I didn’t know what he did with his money). Now he is in Dubai on vacation and her lease on her apartment expired, so she just showed up at my door with her baby.

She told me she was his girlfriend and that he was getting a divorce, so she might as well live in his house and I could live in a hotel because I could afford it. She didn’t have any money or home. She literally refused to step out, so I called the police and locked myself in the greenhouse.

When the police came, she was literally unpacking the child’s clothes in the living area. They escorted her out. I was very shaken. Later I found out all the details I included above.

My husband’s mother thought I was a jerk for kicking out a little baby on the street. That was her only grandson. I used my money and power to control everything around me.

But honestly, teachers make 60k a year so as I found out later, he gave her his salary. I can’t understand why she would be so homeless and destitute. She had big designer bags, a designer stroller, and Van Cleef& Arpels jewelry when she showed up at my home. But now I am a jerk?

People stood on her side.

I would pack all his stuff up and put it in storage. I would talk to your Lawyer and do everything right and legal. I would get a restrainer order against her. I would tell grandma to take them in. You don't need someone like that. Once they are gone, you have your whole life.

  • “She showed up at your house and tried to claim it, she did not care about kicking you out of your own home like she owned it. Her and that teacher should get use to living on a teachers’ salary lmao crazy levels of entitlement. It’s absolutely insane that everyone is just trying to leech off of you because you have money. Your life is going to be much better off without all of them in it.” © BoxSea4289 / Reddit
  • “I’m so sorry he has been so selfish and dishonest with you. Pack his stuff into some big boxes and leave it in the garage for him to collect. Hopefully, he can’t access the house from there. Let him know you’re done with his lies, and you need space to heal and move on from his selfishness. Not your deal, other than your poor heart. His mum can take him in if she’s so adamant you’re in the wrong. Good riddance to her, too.” © Werm_Vessel / Reddit
  • She should’ve spent the money he gave her on the baby instead of shopping. You are not responsible for your husbands’ affair child, and the way she showed up and was expecting you to just leave is entitled and disrespectful. © Significant_Gur5570 / Reddit
  • Seek a restraining order and if you don’t have them yet, get security cameras throughout the property ASAP. I would also consult a lawyer and start working on your separation/divorce. After all, if he told her he’s getting a divorce, you might as well grant his wish, right? © virtualchoirboy / Reddit
  • This lady is exactly the type of person who would use tenant rights laws to screw you if you let her stay at your house. The only safe answer for a grifter with no life skills is “no”, double that if they have actually harmed you with their choices previously. © HomespunPeanutButter / Reddit
  • Change the locks, he can get in at any time and break into your house. Put his stuff in your garage, with damage any property of him. Be careful and no contact because he can be manipulative and can make you feel bad. He didn’t make a mistake, he knows what he is doing, but he doesn’t know that his secret can be known by you, now he is scare because he can lose you and your money, that was he is afraid. If he cared about you, he wouldn’t be a cheater. © Blakie_11 / Reddit

Unfortunately, such events do happen. Here’s the story of a woman who found out that her beloved husband married her only for her inheritance.

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