10 Hilariously Clumsy Elevator Moments People Want to Forget But Still See in Their Nightmares

4 weeks ago

Movies often feature memorable scenes set in elevators, where characters find themselves in hilariously awkward situations. However, life has a way of surprising us too, sometimes just as much as the movies. These 10 stories serve as a testament to the unexpected and sometimes comical moments that can happen in real life, reminding us that truth can indeed be stranger than fiction.

  • After having not seen her for almost a year, my ex-girlfriend, who dumped me for another guy, walked into the elevator one floor after I got on, and immediately greets me with a big smile and a “How have YOU been?” Since she made absolutely no attempt to contact me for a year, and I am completely confident she has no concern in the world for how I have been doing, I spent the remaining floors talking about how difficult it was to park near the building. After a few seconds, her eyes went to the ground, and she skulked off the elevator when it hit her floor. © gjallard / Reddit
  • My text tone I set for my sister was a loud farting noise, and it went off in the elevator, but I was too awkward to explain. © TimeTravelingMouse / Reddit
  • Pushed the wrong button and when the door opened everyone looked at me and waited. One lady said, “I think this is your stop.” I got off and walked up a couple flights of stairs to the correct floor. The same lady saw me walk out of the stairwell. © GrammarVichy / Reddit
  • I turned around in a full elevator and said “So I bet you’re all wondering why I brought you all here” and the door was supposed to open and me walk out backwards, perfectly timed... but nope. I had to stare at them all looking at me before the doors opened. © KeithSkud / Reddit
  • When I was a kid, my friend lived in the 10th floor. I was leaving his apartment and went to the elevator. Instead of pushing the 1st floor button, I push the 10th floor because my mind was in automatic/random mode.
    The door closed, but the elevator didn’t move. I panicked and started pushing the 10th floor button over and over. I started crying. Then two kids enter the elevator and press the 1st floor, and I realized that I was probably retarded. © I_Love_Fox / Reddit
  • Picture yourself standing on a random floor of a 33-storey office tower, and you hear someone singing at the top of their lungs in one of the elevators. The elevator stops on the floor you’re on, and there’s just one person in it. You know he was clearly the one singing, but both of you have to pretend like he wasn’t. Happened to me before, but at least I’m a good singer. © Oafah / Reddit
  • A member of the faculty tried to set me up with this girl who was with us. No one knew each other. He started saying stuff like, “you have pretty eyes”, turns to look at me, “doesn’t she?” Or “look at him, he’s a good-looking young man”. Then finished by saying we would make a cute couple. Me and her were a bit embarrassed. © Ravenhawk13 / Reddit
  • I was on a business trip with my co-worker, both of us males — he’s younger and better looking than me. Coming back to the hotel after dinner, a group of three women about his age, late twenties, get in the elevator with us. They are complaining bitterly about one of their boyfriends who was an unspeakably vile pig. As I get out on the 3rd floor (they are all going up to the 9th), I hold the door for a moment and tell the girls, “Don’t let that guy ruin it for all of us. Bill here is a caring and generous lover.” Then I let the door close. The next morning at breakfast, “Bill” told me that the ride up to the ninth floor was the most awkward 30 seconds he’s ever experienced. I was very proud of myself. © HopHigh / Reddit
  • Coming back with a girl at 3 am. Two people were in the elevator, sitting in chairs that they had put in there. Awkward for her, hilarious for me because I knew them. © Unknown author / Reddit

Awkward moments can pop up in any part of our lives. Whether it’s something unexpected on a date or a clumsy moment in front of your crush, awkwardness is universal. Even celebrities aren’t immune to these moments — they too find themselves in embarrassing situations from time to time.


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