Nepal Crowns the First Plus-size Beauty Queen in the World

7 months ago

The beauty pageant world can be glamorous and competitive, with many contestants embodying ideals of grace and elegance. This year’s Miss Universe Nepal challenged typical beauty conventions with the first-ever plus-size winner, Jane Dipika Garrett, who claimed the prestigious award.

She is a body positivity advocate.

Jane Dipika Garrett competed in Miss Universe Nepal among other contestants. She is a committed body positivity advocate who consistently raises awareness for women’s mental health on her social media platforms. Her win is the first time a plus-size contestant has won in a national pageant.

Jane is an American-Nepalese individual who regularly utilizes social media to normalize plus-size bodies and alter beauty standards for women.“I believe that there is not only one type of beauty standard, but every single woman is beautiful just as she is.” On her Instagram, she consistently inspires others to embrace their natural bodies and be confident.

Her goal is to represent curvy women.

“As a woman who is curvy and who does not meet certain beauty standards, I’m here to represent women who are curvy, who struggle with weight gain, who struggle with hormonal issues,” said Jane. “Every woman possesses innate and unique beauty.” Her story is an inspiration for us all to embrace our true selves!

Embracing our natural selves is very important for self-confidence. Many, including this woman who reveals postpartum bodies as they truly are, are on a mission to assist everyone in doing so.


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