One of the Conjoined Twins Got Married, and People Had Many Questions About It

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Conjoined twins Abby and Brittany became known worldwide in their childhood due to their uniqueness. However, recently they have once again captured everyone’s attention. It turned out that one of the girls had a secret wedding in 2021, but the first photos of the event appeared not long ago.

The conjoined twins became widely known in 1996.

Abby and Brittany Hensel were born on March 7, 1990. Each twin controls half of their body. To perform actions such as walking and running, they need to coordinate their movements together. Some of the twins’ clothing is tailored so that it has two separate necklines to emphasize their individuality.

The Hensel sisters went on to feature in the heartwarming TLC reality series Abby and Brittany, showcasing their daily lives including activities like driving, European travels, and even riding a moped. Following the conclusion of the show after its first season, Abby and Brittany had recently completed their college education, earning degrees in education.

During a 2012 episode of the series, Brittany expressed, «The whole world doesn’t need to know who we are seeing, what we are doing and when we are going to do it.» Agreeing with her sister, Abby, who controls the movement of their right side, added, «Yeah, we are going to be moms one day, but we don’t want to talk about how it’s going to work yet.»

Now Abby is married.

As early as 2006, the twins mentioned in a show that they dream of getting married and having children. «Yeah, we’re going to be moms,» Brittany said. «We haven’t thought about how being moms is going to work yet. But we’re just 16 — we don’t need to think about that right now.»

Much has transpired over the past ten years. Abby, now 34, has entered matrimony. According to public records, Abby, a teacher, exchanged vows with Josh Bowling, a nurse, in 2021. The sisters also posted pictures of the wedding on social media. The newlyweds reside in Minnesota, their birthplace and hometown. Both sisters are currently employed as fifth-grade teachers.

The twins faced criticism after the wedding news came out.

Shortly after the news surfaced, the twins faced criticism regarding Abby’s marriage, with social media trolls inundating the internet with negative comments. In an attempt to quell the negativity, they opted to confront it head-on using a viral audio clip.

«This is a message to all the haters out here,» a deep voice stated in the TikTok video, accompanying images of Abby and Brittany with Bowling. «If you don’t like what I do but watch everything I’m doing, you’re still a fan.»

Abby and Brittany are happy they weren’t separated.

When the twins were born, their parents, Patty and Mike, faced the difficult decision of whether to separate them. They were fearful that the surgery might pose risks to the babies’ lives or result in complications. Consequently, they opted against separation, prioritizing their daughters’ chances for a fulfilling life to the best of their ability.

The twins are grateful that their parents chose not to separate them. Abby expressed, «We never wish we were separated because we would never be able to do all the things that we do now, like play softball, run and do sports.»

Here is the story of other conjoined twins. Their parents decided on a 12-hour surgery to separate the girls.


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