“She Looks Like Everyone Else,” J.Lo Was Heavily Criticized for Looking Different in Real Life Than She Does on Instagram

3 weeks ago

Every one of us wants to look beautiful and won’t post a photo on their Instagram that they don’t like. The stars probably do it too. However, J.Lo has been bombarded with hate for looking different on her Instagram than she does in real life.

Jennifer Lopez has been criticized for her appearance. For several months now, every appearance of the star has been widely discussed. People compare Lopez’s Instagram photos with photos taken by photographers or posted by other stars.

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Her appearance at the Met Gala sparked heated discussions online, with some not liking the singer’s image. One online observer noted, “Looks like Jenny did her own hair and makeup, appearing tired and too old for see-through attire.” Another remarked, “She’s getting older, so she’s trying too hard.”
Another observer also commented on the star’s neck, saying, ’’That neck don’t lie. She looks tired.’’

The star had previously been criticized for another of her public appearances. The matter is that her appearance in the Instagram photo differed from the video, which appeared in the account of another person.

Comments such as “Finally, her real face. She looks like everyone else,” and “Oops. You can see her wrinkly forehead,” highlight the pervasive culture of unrealistic beauty standards and the relentless pressure placed on women.

Some have questioned her consistent use of filters online, stating, “I don’t think people are upset about her aging naturally, it’s just that in every post she does, she uses a filter, and looks nothing like this. I think she’s beautiful no matter what, but she talks about empowerment, and women being strong, yet she uses a filter in every photo, and every video she ever does. She has no control over this video, that’s why you get to see her real face.”

While she has long been an advocate for empowerment and self-love, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by individuals in the public eye, where every moment is subject to public scrutiny and judgment.

In the wake of the viral video, a wave of support emerged from fans rallying behind the iconic star. Some took it upon themselves to defend J. Lo and her right to age gracefully, countering the harsh critiques with words of encouragement. Comments such as “This is what no Botox looks like, and it’s really okay!” and “J. Lo is aging beautifully. Did y’all forget that there ARE people in Hollywood who accept their age ?!” served as poignant reminders of the beauty in embracing natural aging processes.

Others chimed in, highlighting the societal pressures faced by older women, with remarks like “Love seeing comments from some 20-30-year-olds who have no idea the pressure older women are under. The signs of aging are coming for all of us, ladies. Don’t criticize others until you’ve been in their shoes.” These supportive voices underscored the importance of empathy and understanding in a world often fixated on unrealistic standards of beauty.

For what it’s worth, Jennifer is in great shape. And here are 5 secrets to her gorgeous figure.

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