Plus-Size Model, Paloma Elsesser, Became a Model of the Year 2023

7 months ago

Nowadays, more and more people are cheering for models who aren’t super skinny. These plus-size models are becoming famous, showing that everyone can be beautiful no matter their size. So does Paloma Elsesser, who became a big name in the fashion world. Especially after winning the Model of the Year at the 2023 Fashion Awards.

Paloma Elsesser was elected ’Model of the Year 2023′ by the prestigious British Fashion Awards.

31-year old American curve model Paloma Elsesser was chosen as 2023’s Model of the Year by the British Fashion Awards. Previous winners have included names such as Bella Hadid, Adut Akech and Kaia Gerber.

It’s not the first time the successful plus-size model won.

In 2020, Paloma Elsesser earned the title of female model of the year from, solidifying her position among the elite Top 50 most coveted faces in the world of fashion. Fast forward three years, in 2023, and Elsesser once again ascended to acclaim, securing the prestigious title of Model of the Year at the renowned Fashion Awards.

Her modeling journey was not straight as she wanted to become an author or a psychologist.

When Paloma Elsesser was young, she didn’t dream of being a model. Instead, she aspired to be an author or psychologist. She pursued her interests by studying psychology and literature at The New School in New York. Even today, she remains passionate about writing and poetry.

Pat McGrath, a leading figure in American makeup, and a friend of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, was in search of distinctive faces and a non-conventional image for her first makeup line. While looking, she came across Paloma Elsesser’s Instagram account and was captivated by her unique charm. This discovery played a crucial role in making Paloma known in the industry. Subsequently, Pat McGrath became her mentor, leading to numerous campaigns and photo shoots.

Elsesser is one of the many topmodels whose main goal is to make the industry more inclusive.

“My ‘beauty’ interrogates what we know to be the rule in fashion,” Elsesser explained in an interview. “So while I reap many privileges in the world as a ‘beautiful person’ my beauty in the industry always has to be qualified. There has been a positive shift, for sure, but there is still so much work to be done.” The successful model also wishes to be known and remembered by people as someone who “made people think.”

Paloma Elsesser and others women are promoting inclusivity believe there’s still a lot of progress to make. But it’s already a cool change in the fashion world, making room for different body shapes and making people feel good about themselves. It’s like saying, “Hey, you’re awesome just the way you are!”


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