Store Owner’s Unexpected Gesture Leaves Teen in Tears at Prom Shopping

4 months ago

A heartwarming TikTok video has garnered over 14 million views. Elyse Monroe, a plus-size high school senior, faced limited options while searching for a prom dress that would both fit her size and fit her budget. However, fate had a remarkable surprise in store for her.

She traveled to a far-away shop in search of her dream dress.

The 18-year-old student, accompanied by her mother, two aunts, and her grandmother, embarked on a 6-hour drive in search of a prom dress in her size. Through TikTok, she came across a boutique where the shop owner, Lucille, often posted videos showcasing the joy of customers finding their dream dresses.

Despite living a considerable distance from the shop, Elyse Monroe believed the lengthy drive was worthwhile to have a prom consultation with Lucille and find a dress that would be a perfect fit for her. The young student shared that purchasing clothes has always presented challenges for her. “Shopping is usually pretty stressful for me, which is why I mostly shop online,” she said.

The shop owner established her business for a cause.

Driven by her own painful memories of prom experiences, Lucille opened her store specifically to cater to plus-size individuals, offering a wide selection of prom dresses. Reflecting on her own childhood, which was marred by the limited fashionable choices for plus-size individuals in the ’90s, she empathized with the devastating feelings of self-doubt that often accompany such experiences.

Despite the difficulties she faced, Lucille found gratitude in her experiences, recognizing that they served as a catalyst for her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals currently facing similar challenges. “[Prom dress shopping] was horrific for me...dressing these dolls is healing me,” she said.

She was in luck and found the perfect dress.

In addition, the proprietor captured footage of Monroe donning an assortment of garments while being encompassed by her kin. This video, garnering more than 14 million views, showcases her providing uplifting words to the adolescent as she showcases three distinct prom gowns.

Monroe’s initial choice of attire featured a dazzling crimson gown adorned with delicate spaghetti straps. However, her family expressed dissatisfaction with the revealing plunge neckline. Subsequently, she opted for a majestic violet dress embellished with intricately sewn crystals.

This ensemble boasted criss-cross straps, a laced back, and even thoughtfully designed pockets. The sequence continued with a third selection—a strikingly unique strapless black gown with an asymmetrical design. Regrettably, the young lady didn’t hold a favorable opinion of this particular outfit.

As Monroe slipped into the purple gown, the proprietor complimented her, remarking,"I love that on you. It is so beautiful." The client proudly twirled around in the dress as the owner exclaimed, “Disney princess!”

Ultimately, the young lady made her final decision in favor of the captivating purple dress, and a delightful surprise awaited her and her family at the payment counter. “This dress is $700,” Lucille informed the young lady, who appeared taken aback by the price. “But it’s free,” she continued.

The shop owner was met with perplexed gazes as Monroe’s family struggled to comprehend what they had just heard. The inquisitive student then posed a question, “What do you mean it’s for free?” to which the generous woman replied, “We’re giving it to you.”

The shop owner’s gesture was hard to believe.

A wave of profound emotions engulfed Monroe and her family, their hearts overflowing with gratitude for the generous gesture. They embraced one another tightly, tears streaming down their faces, unable to contain their overwhelming joy. The young girl expressed nothing but admiration and appreciation for her encounter with Lucille and the dress she had been bestowed. “Not only does it fit, but it makes me feel good about myself,” she noted. “Prom is a night where you want to feel beautiful. And I feel beautiful in that dress.”

Later, the proprietor underscored the inclusive nature of her boutique, emphasizing that it serves as a warm and inviting haven for all individuals. Every person who steps foot into her establishment is deserving of respect, recognition, and genuine appreciation. “No matter what your size, you are here on purpose, and you have the right to be loved,” she noted.

It’s wonderful that the girl was able to find that perfect dress. We truly hope that her prom was amazing. And if you want to see more bold and beautiful outfits on celebrities, you can check out this article.

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