10+ Times Online Shopping Went Beyond Our Craziest Expectations

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Every time we purchase online or explore our favorite delivery app, we all have expectations. But we also need to have the ability to laugh it off when our presumptions are incorrect. Not every purchase we make makes us happy or satisfied, and this is particularly true with internet purchases. And although it’s perfectly normal to get upset when a product, order, or service doesn’t live up to expectations, some people decided to shrug it off and go on.

“Bought ’’accent’’ lashes.”

“’Tie dye socks that look dirty.”

“The ’giant’ fish I ordered vs what I received”

“Not nearly as impressive.”

We’re curious about who has such tiny fingers.

The latest technology in “Best Before” printing

“Fake pockets.”

“I ordered some tights for Halloween online. I didn’t check the size and it turns out they were a bit too small...”

“A little surprise inside my cookie container”

This toothpaste dispenser seemed like a good idea.

“What I ordered VS what I got.”

This transparent sun visor — what could be more brilliant?

“My new free running shoes after my first run — now with all these rocks in the soles, I have to throw them away.”

“Cute pink pig Kawaii cushion plush”

Are your expectations satisfied when you purchase online? What is the funniest fail you’ve ever seen?

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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