Teacher’s Pet Gets Engaged to Tutor Who is Mistaken for Her Grandma

5 months ago

When Monica was 13, she was the ’’teacher’s pet’ of her teacher Michelle. Many years later, they met again and their friendly bond turned into a deep love, even with a 25-year age difference. Now engaged, this lovely pair faces some criticism. But their heartwarming tale shows that true love can’t be broken.

A simple message altered their destiny.

In 2004, Michelle Foster was the science teacher for Monica Ketchum’s class. At that time, the young Monica greatly admired her cherished teacher, saying, ’’Michelle was my seventh-grade teacher, and she was my favorite — I was the teacher’s pet.’’

Even with her deep respect, it was unimaginable to foresee the remarkable turn their story would take in the future.

After 16 years, Monica, who had become a forklift operator and content creator, chose to reach out to her former teacher on Facebook to catch up. Monica made it clear that, until then, ’’We didn’t have any relationship besides her being a good teacher.’

When Foster received a message from her former student in April 2020, she was quite taken aback. But, after they met for lunch in August 2021, the two established a strong bond and became close friends.

Ketchum recounted, "We sat and had lunch for 5 hours. It was great to catch up.’’ She added that they both happened to be crossing a complicated period and that ’’finding someone you can relate to and be vulnerable with felt safe.’’

Their platonic friendship turned into intense passion.

As the days went by, their friendship deepened until they discovered that their relationship had turned romantic. Before this development, Foster had been romantically involved with a woman, while Ketchum had just openly identified as gay.

In May 2022, both women decided to leave their past relationships behind to embark on a romantic journey together. Foster chose to dissolve her marriage with her wife and proceeded to file for divorce. In September 2022, Ketchum asked Foster to marry her, and the next month, Foster returned the gesture by proposing to Ketchum.

Presently, Monica is 31 years old and Michelle is 56. Both women have children from their previous marriages, and they are now sharing a home.

Not all people are supportive of their relationship.

Despite appearing to be a perfect pair, they have faced some criticism online. There have been instances where Michelle was erroneously thought to be Monica’s grandmother. Nevertheless, the younger woman maintains that their age gap doesn’t bother her. She noted, ’’I’ve always been attracted to older people, so the gap wasn’t an issue for me.’’

Initially, Foster was concerned about their 25-year age difference. However, she revealed that over time, she had to “let it all go” to fully embrace their love story. The science teacher expressed, ’’It became clear I had to choose for myself, and when I did, it was the weight of the world lifted.’’

True love knows no bounds.

In spite of the years that divide them, shared interests such as music, camping, and outdoor activities bring these two women closer together. They are resolved to inspire others in similar situations, which is why they are sharing their journey online. As Ketchum noted, ’’We want to be where others come to find hope and light and safety or need a friend.’’ This lovely couple is looking forward to their wedding in June.

Before you go, don’t miss out on another extraordinary tale. Imagine a 61-year-old grandmother, not just married to a 24-year-old, but planning to have a baby!


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