People Are Shocked by the Server’s Hourly Pay and No Longer Want To Leave a Tip

4 weeks ago

Amanda works as a waitress. Recently, she gained unexpected fame after her TikTok video went viral. In the video, she shared how much she earns in tips, and people were outraged and some even decided that they would no longer leave good tips for waitstaff, believing they don’t deserve that much.

Amanda, known as @amanda4xx on TikTok, is a server at a Texas Roadhouse in New York.

The prices there are similar to other chain restaurants, like Applebee’s or TGI Fridays. For example, you’d pay about $22 for a steak meal.

It seemed like it was a slow day for Amanda, who only had a 3-hour shift. While we’re not sure exactly when her shift began from the video, we do know from the receipts that she worked on Friday, August 4, 2023, starting around 6:00 p.m.

My account number 1000325699063
Comercial bank of Ethiopia

Ahmed Mohamed Harun


Since it was a dinner shift on a weekend, it’s likely to have been busy and promising regardless of the duration of her shift. Here’s a breakdown of Amanda’s earnings, rounded to the nearest dollar:

  • $12 tip on a $48 check
  • $20 tip on a $101 check
  • $9 tip on a $46 check
  • $30 tip on a $130 check
  • $7 tip on a $49 check
  • $22 tip on a $113 check
  • $32 tip on a $127 check
  • $12 tip on a $62 check
  • $25 tip on a $74 check

Amanda mentioned that most of her tips were paid via credit card, and the restaurant owes her $95.14. With her hourly pay of $9.00, Amanda’s total earnings for her shift amount to $150.14, which averages out to $59.00 per hour.

The comment section saw some truly questionable opinions.

People were outraged by Amanda’s earnings. They considered it too high payment for her work and decided to reduce the tips:

  • I’ve been seeing a lot of these videos lately and it helped realize I need to lower how much I tip, thank you. © Bizarre Creation / TikTok
  • In the conversation of tipping, why do we gotta tip more if we order more expensive food? It’s the same amount of work. I don’t get it. © PincheVis / TikTok
  • Today I left a $7 tip not realizing it wasn’t 10% of what I had ordered and felt so bad. Not anymore tho! Thank you. I’m definitely over tipping. © LZ859 / TikTok
  • So $59×24 hours (likely what you work) = $1,416 a week x 52 weeks (number of weeks in a year) = $73,632 a year. Not bad for waiting tables part time. © Didgitzz / TikTok
  • That’s why I don’t tip. © HASSELHOFF13 / TikTok

Others, however, defended Amanda and urged not to devalue someone else’s work:

  • I hate that people took this as «let me not tip my waitress», when literally waitresses only make money off their tips. © Meli_xoxo / TikTok
  • I do not understand the comments saying they’re going to start leaving less, because she made good money. Almost like you want her to be making the bare minimum. © mikala / TikTok
  • But if you are correct about your end total you make $9 hourly before tips just so everyone knows most servers make about $5 hourly wage, some only $2. © Scarlette_Angel13 / TikTok

Despite the negative comments, Amanda remained undeterred.

In her next TikTok video, she promised to reveal her earnings from another shift, and she followed through. After working for 4 hours, Amanda essentially earned $50.00 per hour. It seems like the criticism didn’t affect her tips at all. She posted a video, but after some time, she deleted it. We don’t know the reason behind it, but we hope everything is still okay with Amanda’s tips.

By the way, being a waiter is not such a simple profession. At times, they have to be on their feet for 12 hours per shift and deal with difficult customers. Sometimes, waiters also become witnesses to other people’s personal dramas.


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