18 People Who Chose Plastic Surgery and Feel Better Than Ever on the Inside As Well

2 years ago

Cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries are more than just modifications we do to our body and face, they also completely alter the way we feel and usually improve our state of mind. And while some people remain radically opposed to these procedures, we can’t deny that their popularity had been increasing for years now. After all, chances are we all know someone who had some work done, and is already considering to have another.

Now I’ve Seen Everything firmly believes that every person is free, and we should always prioritize things that make us feel better. And here are some people who opted for plastic surgery and feel grateful for their decision.

1. ’’Before and after my double jaw surgery.’’

’’I had my braces on for 9 years before I had this surgery, no joke!’’

2. ’’6.5 months post rhinoplasty and dissolving lip filler.’’

3. “I’m a year and a half post-op. So happy I got this done when I had the opportunity. It is such an ego booster.”

4. “Face and neck lift”

5. “3 months post-double jaw surgery”

6. “Hair transplant, 19 months”

7. ’’My before and after Rhinoplasty.’’

8. “2.5 weeks post-rhinoplasty — still very swollen, especially the tip, but it’s getting there.”

9. “5 months post-op rhinoplasty + chin implant”

10. “Overall happy with the improvement to the dorsal hump/side profile.”

11. ’’Maxillofacial surgery and mentoplasty, one year apart.’’

12. “17 days post-op from chin lipo! Couldn’t be happier.”

13. “1-week post-op sliding genioplasty and septorhinoplasty”

14. “To the people who think hair transplant is a myth, here’s a personal experience.”

15. “Only 3 weeks post-op and I feel like an entirely new person.”

16. “Closed rhinoplasty and chin liposuction, before and after”

17. “Otoplasty — before vs 4 months post-op”

18. ’’I had a rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and an eyebrow lift.’’

Have you ever gone to a plastic surgeon, and if so, what procedure did you choose to do?

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