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18 Famous Men Whose Appeal Rises With Every Year That Passes

When we look at the older movies of some Hollywood actors and compare them to their present ones, we notice that they are curiously aging backwards. And while some say the secret lies in their good genes, or healthy habits, others would argue that these celebs are getting a little help from the latest anti-aging procedures. Whichever it is, watching these men looking their best in the second half of life is a feast to the eyes.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we did a side-by-side comparison of these handsome actors who prove that age is really nothing but a number.

Johnny Depp at 21 and 52

Gerard Butler at 33 and 50

Jeff Goldblum at 41 and 66

Casey Affleck at 29 and 43

James Franco at 27 and 41

Jared Padalecki at 21 and 38

Christian Bale at 26 and 45

Paul Wesley at 24 and 37

Andrew Garfield at 27 and 38

Paul Bettany at 32 and 50

Wes Bentley at 24 and 40

Ben Barnes at 28 and 40

Richard Armitage at 33 and 50

Mads Mikkelsen at 30 and 56

James McAvoy at 26 at 42

Joe Manganiello at 33 and 43

Dylan McDermott at 27 and 58

Ed Westwick at 20 and 34

Of course, our compilation doesn’t include all the hot men in the movie industry that became even more attractive with age. Who else would you add?

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