Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Stars Who Never Stop Looking Good, Even With Long or Short Hair

A change in hairstyle can make it harder for us to recognize unfamiliar faces, claims a study. Fortunately for celebrities, they don’t have this problem as the public knows them well. And when they decide to make a bigger transformation to their look, we’re still stunned by them. Some are even blessed to look gorgeous with both long and short hair, as we show you here!

What 14 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Aged Naturally

Thanks to modern medicine, nowadays there are many efficient ways to keep our youth as long as possible or even reverse our aging signs. And we’d notice that many celebrities are looking younger and more glowing by the day. And even though they look great now, we got curious and tried to imagine what these stars would look like if they grew older in a totally natural way.

15 Co-Stars Who Reunited Years Later and Gave Us Goosebumps

After spending a considerable amount of time working together, most co-stars often develop close friendships. And even though their projects will sadly come to an end at some point, many of them will have opportunities to reunite on the red carpet, for new collaborations or film sequels. And their presence together can evoke nostalgic feelings in their fans and take us on a trip down memory lane.

We Gave a Full Beard to 15+ Celebrities, and They Are Totally Transformed

A beard can significantly alter a man’s appearance. And according to a study, people tend to perceive men with full beards as better fathers who can take care of and provide for their families. And today, we decided to add a full beard on typically clean-shaven male stars to see if we’d start looking at them in a different way.

15+ Celebrities Who Are Even More Appealing Now Than in Their Younger Years

There are several celebrities whose appeal seems to only increase with age. Although some may argue that cosmetic procedures contribute to their attractiveness, one cannot deny that the natural glow of maturity is the most striking feature that the face can possess. And just by looking at how much confidence these stars exude, we are reminded that beauty first comes from within.

15+ Famous Men Who Are Becoming Even More Appealing With Time

Aging can make us more charismatic, because with time we gain in maturity and wisdom, which add a charming twinkle to our eyes. And when we look at certain famous men, we notice that as they embrace their silver hair and fine lines, their confidence increases, which makes us fall for them even more.

What 18 Celebrities Would Look Like Without Their One Unique Feature

Each individual possesses a distinct characteristic that sets them apart from others. Celebrities are no exception, and some have become even more famous because of their trademark feature. And these stars remind us that we should always be confident and flaunt what makes us special, because our uniqueness is our force.

10 Unnecessary Beauty Standards We Should Ditch As Soon As Tomorrow

Back when television didn’t exist and there was no such thing like celebrities, beauty standards were created by ads and the noble. Whatever an ad promoted and the noble people did, everyone else was kind of pressured to do as well. Nowadays, we have Hollywood and the media to blame about all these unrealistic beauty standards they inflict upon us. But it’s great to see that many women refuse to follow them and live their lives with their own rules.

15 Celebrity Childhood Photos That Are Cuteness Overload

Every once in a while, we all get the urge to pull out our family albums and reminisce about our childhood. Celebrities aren’t any different and sometimes they even let us in on their adorable findings. We collected a few of these nostalgic photos that names like Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman decided to share with their fans and turned them into collages that show just how much (or little) they’ve changed.

10 Female Stars Who Don’t Hide Their Imperfections and Challenge Modern Beauty Standards

Celebrities are under constant pressure to be faultless and look perfect all the time, particularly famous women. However, like everyone else, they have and go through things that aren’t always considered attractive, like stretch marks. And other times, they consciously stray away from modern beauty standards in order to stand by body positivity. We collected some examples of stars who aren’t afraid to show their unfiltered side.

12 Celebrity Duos Who Left Us Stunned to Find Out They’re Related

We’re all related to each to each other, at least to a certain degree, reveals research. Although the latter was conducted using maths, the concept that this is a “small world” we’re living in is easy to understand just by looking at those in the spotlight. To the surprise of many, include ours, a lot of our beloved stars and even royal family members are related to each other. We collected a few examples of these fascinating family connections.

16 Female Celebrities Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Their Raw Beauty on Social Media

These female stars can easily turn heads on the red carpet. But even without their makeup and fancy clothes on, they still “made us look” (as Meghan Trainor would say) with their natural beauty. And by sharing these filter-free posts on their social media accounts, they are sending a strong message about body positivity and embracing one’s true self — flaws and all.

12 Rules Celebrities Have for Their Kids That Will Intrigue You

There is no textbook about raising children that can be effectively apply to each and every child on this planet. Parents have their own opinions and ideas about taking care of their young ones based on their unique needs. And it’s their right to set rules that aim to help their kids grow up in a heathy and respectful way.

15 Star Duos Who Have Us Seeing Double With How Similar They Look

It’s likely you have a doppelgänger and there’s a possibility you might even share DNA with them, reveals a study. Although most of us haven’t actually found our look-alike, the entertainment business seems to be full of people who strongly resemble each other. So much so, we created this list with some celebrity pairs that can make people believe they’re twins.

15 Stars Who Once Went Blonde and We Can’t Forget It

Blondes don’t actually have more fun than those with different hair colors, says research. Still, a lot of brunette stars still dye or bleach their hair to become blondes, even if just temporarily. We put together a few side-by-side pics of them rocking both hair colors and it’s an impossible game of what suits them best.

We Created a Top 10 of the Most Handsome Bachelors, See if You Agree With Us

Attractive people are more likely to have shorter relationships, claims a study. Perhaps that explains why the world of entertainment is full of bachelor hunks. But the truth is that each of them has their own personal reasons for not having tied the knot yet and we support them in their decisions. Now, we take a look at who we think are the hottest celebrity bachelors.

12 Trends We Are Grateful Came Back in Our Lives and Are Now Even More Popular

No matter how back we travel in time, we will find some items that were considered fashionable and everyone wanted to own. In many occasions, people didn’t just want to own these things, but were required to. Some of these trends were replaced in the course of time, but some of them stuck around until today.

10+ Celebs Who Transformed Into A Whole New Personality After Becoming Famous

Before celebs could hit the big screens with their immense talent, they all lived a normal lifestyle and probably looked fine too. Once stardom became a part of their life, they got access to all the best designers and stylists in town and you might notice a huge difference in how they looked then, and how they look now. We love to keep an eye on such transformations to share the amazement with you too. Read on to know more.

12 Celebrities That Would Look Very Different If It Wasn’t for Beauty Treatments

In today’s society, most women and especially those who work under the limelight, use various beauty treatments. We are not referring to plastic surgery or Botox, but other professional treatments. There are also so many products that help the skin keep its elasticity and rejuvenate it. We just tried to imagine what some of the most famous celebrities would look like if they didn’t do absolutely none of that.

12 Female Stars Who Had Children After 40

The number of women giving birth at 40 or later is increasing. In fact, more than 100.000 people every year give birth in their 40s in the United States. Some of those moms are celebrities that we all know and adore, and who didn’t look at their age when it came to starting a family or simply making it bigger.