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Now I've Seen Everything

12 Stars Who Prove That Pregnancy Will Add Tons of Glow to the Face

Pregnancy can cause various changes in a woman’s body, such as weight gain and slightly darker skin. But the changes can be emotional as well. For example, expectant mothers often view the world differently, and there’s a captivating twinkle in their gaze that enhances their beauty during this special time. And we can clearly notice this transformation when we look at side-by-side pics of stars in regular times and during their pregnancies.

20 Celebrities Who Decided to Age Naturally and Elegantly

Our wrinkles and fine lines reflect all the events and achievements that make our unique journey. And as some celebrities proudly accept their aging signs, they become even more charming. Because their inner confidence and self-acceptance radiates through their face.

We Changed 15 Stars Eyebrow’ Shape to the 90’s Style, and They Rocked It Perfectly

Our eyebrows directly influence how attractive our face is, says research, so how we choose to style it can make a huge difference. Currently, thicker and fluffy brows are trending but some say that the thin brows of the 90’s could be making a return in 2023. That’s why we decided to check out how a few celebrities would look like if they donned that look.

15 Celebrities Who Changed Their Eyebrows and Achieved a Totally Different Look

The eyes and eyebrows are essential to determine someone’s level of attractiveness, says research. The eyebrows, particularly, can also strongly influence how we perceive a person’s face, reveals the same study. That might just explain why female stars often drastically change when they decide to try a new eyebrow shape or style.

15 Times Female Stars Stunned Everyone With a Runway Outfit

Celebrities often turn to haute couture dresses in order to impress at formal events. What’s interesting is that these high-end creations are frequently used by models on runways prior to our beloved stars wearing them. That gives us a wonderful opportunity to see how differently the latter rock their outfits.

15 Popular Celebrities That Would Look Completely Alien If They Had Different Hairstyles

Hair is one of the most characteristic things about people when we look at them. The shape, length, color and fullness of their hair is one of the main factors that make them so recognizable. Imagine if they suddenly appeared with completely different hairstyles. There is no doubt that some people would have trouble recognizing them out on the street.

11 Clothing Choices That Can Actually Knock Years Off of You

No one is born with the knowledge of what the perfect clothing and overall style works better on them. That takes years of trying out different things to see what looks better on you. Sometimes though, we all need help to see the simple improvements that could take us from “good” to “perfect”.

15 Stars Whose Wax Figures Are So Off, They Made Us Laugh

The oldest wax figure on display at one of Madame Tussauds’ museums is that of Madame du Barry, which dates back to 1765. Since then, many more statues of the same kind have been created, by multiple artists and purposes, and for many celebrities, it’s probably an honor to have their own made. However, the result isn’t always what one would expect and some figures can turn out comical due to how differently they look compared to their real-life counterparts.

How 12 Stars Looked at the Start of Their Career vs Today

The record for the longest career in acting belongs to Brazilian actress Dercy Gonçalves. Her career lasted for 86 years, from 1922 to 2008. Although not all celebrities manage to come near to her longevity, it’s still common to see someone in the spotlight for many years, often decades. In that time, they grow old in public which makes it fascinating to look back and see just how much (or little) they’ve changed since starting out in the entertainment business.

We Edited 15 Famous Women’s Photos to See How They’d Look Makeup-Free on Red Carpets

Celebrities usually pair up with talented makeup artists to achieve top glamorous levels for their red carpet looks. However, we all have natural beauty that can shine without makeup. That’s why we decided to check out how some of our beloved female stars would change if they ditched the lipstick, blush, eyeliner and more when getting ready for an A-list event.

15 Celebrity Wax Statues That Are Absurdly Far From Reality

Many celebrities consider the creation of their wax figure as a significant event. Unfortunately, these statues may not always reflect their real-life counterparts accurately. Nonetheless, we believe in finding the positive in every situation. In this case, we can enjoy a lighthearted laugh at the amusing wax figures, which appear even more comical when compared side-by-side with the photos of the stars.

14 Women Whose Pregnancies Made Them Radiate Happiness

There is scientific evidence that shows how having a child or multiple children can make people happier. While opinions can vary and different people have different experiences, in many occasions childbirth is a happy event. It’s not that a woman’s face gets prettier after giving birth, but it’s her life that might be getting more exciting. And that is something that shows on her face.

12 Celebrities Who Are Celebrating Major Birthdays in 2023

The clock never stops ticking, even for our beloved stars. In 2023, some of them will hit a milestone age by either entering a new decade or finally turning 21. So here’s a reminder when to wish a happy birthday to a few famous faces!

15+ Stars Whose Look Has Changed Drastically

When celebrities decide to alter their appearance it often signifies a shift in their public image or career trajectory. And whether their makeover is due to a total change in their fashion, new lifestyle choices, or some cosmetic procedures, we can’t deny that these transformations are captivating, especially when we get to compare their photos side by side.

17 Stars Whose Glow Increases As Time Passes By

Certain stars appear to be getting younger with time, almost as if they are reversing the aging process. And while some of them achieve this through a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise, others may opt for cosmetic interventions. Nonetheless, we believe that the main factor behind these celebrities’ youthful looks is their glowing confidence, which shines through their outward appearance.

17 Stars Who Are Looking Even More Fabulous As They Grow Older

Some stars seem to be drinking from the fountain of youth because they look more glowing as they grow older. And we find these celebrities to be inspiring since they remind us that living a healthy life and taking extra good care of ourselves always pays off. After all, it’s not just the physique of these stars that we find captivating, but also the confidence and self-love that radiates from their soul.

15 Stars Who Completely Transformed After Trying a Different Look

A haircut, a dash of new color or a fresh hairdo can have a massive impact on our appearance. Celebrities are often proof of that when they seemingly become an entirely different person after changing their appearance. And with how much pressure there is on them to always look their best, we applaud their courage to try something that’s miles away from their signature look.

What 20 Celebrities Who Gained Popularity in the 80s and 90s Look Like Today

Some of the celebrities who graced our screens in the 80’s and 90’s are no longer that active today, while others have turned into big Hollywood A-listers. Either way, remembering what these TV and movie personalities looked like decades ago brings back a lot of warm souvenirs. This is why we decided to take you with us on a magical trip down memory lane.

15 Unbelievable Pictures That Prove Sweden Should Be an Example for All of Us

Sweden is a country that is known for its technological advancements and their citizens’ politeness. It may not be very easy to make friends over there if you are a foreigner, but you will definitely have a smooth life. Everything is well-organized, you can find free wifi pretty much everywhere and recycling is of utmost importance.

15 Celebrities Who Prove No Women Needs Makeup to Shine

It’s easy to think of celebrities, especially famous women, as being dolled up all the time. However, they too take time to wipe away the makeup and let their natural beauty stand out. And when they do so, it’s clear that makeup lets you try a different look, but it doesn’t necessarily make you more beautiful. In fact, they’re the perfect examples of how a makeup-free face can shine even brighter.