Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

16 Loving Couples Whose Feelings Only Grow Stronger as Time Goes By

When you finally meet your Mr or Mrs Right, it’s easy to imagine you’ll spend the rest of your life together. But unlike what romantic movies are trying to show us, real-life relationships take patience and commitment to really work. And no one knows it better than 17 people featured in this article. All of them managed to preserve their love through the years, and can definitely teach us some valuable lessons.

15+ Kids Who Only Follow Their Own Rules

Understanding what goes on inside children’s minds is an enigma that perhaps only Ben Gates from The National Treasure could solve. But the truth is, their bizarre logic can be extremely amusing. That’s why parents with a sharpened sense of humor are taking to social media to share their kids’ latest stunts.

20+ People Whose Photos Could be Right Next to the Word “Love” in the Dictionary

Sometimes, saying the words “I love you” might seem like a difficult task, and even if we might feel it, we can’t always say it out loud. Luckily, there are unlimited ways to show people how much you love them, like by letting your girlfriend paint your nails or giving an Eskimo kiss under a beautiful sunset — and these are just a few of them.

17 Times People Shared Pictures That Can Even Beat Monday Blues

As the weather gets colder and gloomier, many of us often feel down. If that’s how you’re feeling and you’re looking for ways to quickly boost your mood, then the pictures we gathered for this article can definitely put a smile on your face. From adorable four-legged babysitters to funny faces kids make when they experience things for the first time, these sweet photos can warm up your heart even on the coldest day.

18 Transformations That May Make You Want to Shake Up Your Style Too

“Fresh starts” don’t always need to be drastic. Sometimes, a simple change in your appearance — maybe a new haircut or color, or a shift in beard style — can already make you feel like a brand new person. And it could also add a whole new level of confidence within you.

15+ Remarkable Before-and-After Transformations

When you decide to update your look, it can be like a breath of fresh air. Many of us might feel like we get stuck in a routine and feel so used to the way we look, we start to fear change. But in reality, changing something about your appearance can make you more connected with your true self.

19 Touching Photos That Prove Time Has No Power Over True Love

Some people were truly lucky to meet their soulmate at a very young age. But finding your better half isn’t enough, it takes strength and determination to carry your love throughout the years. And these loving couples can teach us truly valuable lessons about relationship goals.

15+ Lucky People Whose Day Couldn’t Have Gone in a Better Direction

Happiness is something we all strive for in our lives, however, we can’t experience it at all times. That’s why it’s so important to develop the skill to be able to not only notice the little things that brighten up your day and make you smile but also to be grateful for them. We can start small, with things like seeing a rabbit or playing with a kid, like our today’s heroes did.

16 Celebrities Who Have Aged Like Fine Wine and Are Even Hotter Now

If you take a picture from when you were 18 and a very recent photo of yours, you will probably notice a massive change. You hair may be different and your facial features might have slightly changed. This is exactly the case with famous people who grow up in front of the whole world’s eyes. Some of them look nothing like their younger selves and some of them look exactly the same with only the addition of facial hair.

25 Women Who Prove You Don’t Need to Spend a Fortune to Say Yes to Your Dream Dress

Finding your wedding dress can be pretty overwhelming. After all, it’s the most expensive dress most women will ever buy. Whether you’re short on budget or just don’t see a point in spending lots of money on a gown you will only wear once, these 25 brides can convince you that you don’t need to spend your entire life savings to look absolutely stunning on your special day.

15+ Men Who Proved That It’s All in the Hair

Men go to hair salons or barbershops more often than women, according to a survey. On average, guys have their hair done almost 6 times a year, while gals go almost 4 times within the same period. This goes to show that gents pay attention to their appearance just as much as women. And a new haircut is one simple and cheap way to improve their looks.

15+ People Whose Kindness Brightens Up Our World

Kindness towards other people exists in various shapes and forms. Of course, it can be something huge like sacrificing your life in order to save others or spending a lot of money to build an amusement park for kids with special needs. However, it can also be just making your loved ones happy by spending time together or making their little wishes come true.

15+ Celebrity Children Who Are Growing Up Really Fast

Every generation of adults seems to hold the opinion that “kids grow up so fast nowadays”. The grass was always greener in the past, but there is something that makes childhood different in the present. Surveys show that on average, kids start to use smartphones at the age of 10 and whether it makes them grow up faster or not is hard to tell.

15 Tweets That Prove Women Have Each Other’s Backs

History is full of examples where women gathered together and accomplished wonderful things. However, society makes it so difficult and competitive for them, so they sometimes become a bit hostile towards one another. But this is only one part of the story, and women show every single day that they love supporting each other.

15 Times Celebrities Weren’t Shy About Repeating Outfits

Although for us it’s completely normal to wear the same outfit multiple times, it’s a rare occurence with celebrities. Whether it’s due to the pressure of being dressed in clothes from different stylists or simply because they believe it will be frowned upon by the public, the truth is it’s tough to remember a time when our favorite star repeated clothes. However, there are some fascinating exceptions.

15 Family Photos That Left People Mind Blown with the Past

Going through old family albums is often synonym with finding treasures. However, some internet users are just incredibly lucky. Their gems feature famous people who either knew their relatives long ago or met them in a fluke. From Elvis Presley to Bruce Willis, these snaps are definitely priceless.

15 Celebrities Whose Aging Seems to Have Stopped in Time

Researchers were able to reverse aging in human skin cells by 30 years, claims a study. But while science was doing its job, a few stars seem to have already found their own secret to youth. From icons in the music industry to Hollywood idols, we gathered a few famous people who look as young as they were a decade or more ago.

15+ Times Celebs and Models Looked Different in Haute Couture Dresses, Yet Were Equally Stunning

Lately, progressive designers have started showing their new pieces with the help of models who have different body shapes, however, this phenomenon is still pretty new. That’s why haute couture garments can look nothing alike on models on runways and celebrities who have different body shapes.

17 People Who Understood the Assignment and Did a Wonderful Job

Just because someone has been hired to do a specific task doesn’t mean that they really care about their assignment. That’s why we end up with poor toilet constructions with no privacy and packaging designs that aren’t very helpful. Fortunately, some people enjoy their jobs and care about being inclusive and practical.

15 Hilariously Terrible Online Shopping Fails

Sometimes the picture you see on the website can be completely different from what you see when you open a box with your long-awaited order.