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Now I've Seen Everything

22 Animals That Were Blessed With Unique Features

Just when we thought our pets couldn’t get any sweeter, Mother Nature surprises us by bestowing “extra” gifts on some animals. These chosen ones may look a bit different from the rest of their kind, but their odd features only helped them stand out in a good way.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 22 of these animals, which earned cool bonus points because of their special characteristics.

1. “This cat has a suit and tie pattern on his fur.”

2. “The ears keep growing and they don’t stop growing.”

3. Heart-shaped nose

4. “Met this cat with 2 tails today.”

5. “Orbit’s XL tongue.”

6. “A snoot that gets Eris into any trouble she wants, and eyes that get her out.”

7. “My girl has vitiligo. She was solid black when we got her, and every year she gets a few more spots!”

8. “Our Boxer, Bender, was born with a heart on his chest.”

9. “My dog has a dog-shaped spot on his back.”

10. “My dogger has really long eyelashes.”

11. “I recently met this cute cow with a heart-shaped mark. It was such an aww moment.”

12. “Different colored eyes and more toes than you.”

13. “My kitten has one awesome ginger arm.”

14. “My dog named Bunny has bunny ears.”

15. “Here is my rescue polydactyl baby!”

16. “This is Fanny. She has a rare skin condition called vitiligo, causing her hair to depigment.”

17. “One of the coolest looking dogs I’ve ever seen.”

18. “This cat has a paw print on it’s back!”

19. “My friend’s Zebra-esque puppy.”

20. “My dog has a silhouette of a cat in his fur.”

21. “My fully black cat has hidden markings!”

22. “My cat has 26 toes (18 is normal).”

Does your pet also have something that makes it one-of-a-kind? Please share pics of your pets with us!

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