20 Thrifty People Who Have a Knack for Spotting Gems

2 years ago

Imagine you’re walking in a second-hand store, and you look around, but you don’t see anything that’s your style. We want to let you in on a little-known secret — the more you dig around in stacks of clothes that might seem boring at first, the higher the chances that you will come across the rare dress, the perfectly-fitted suit, or the gown of your dreams. It fits you like a glove and makes you feel like a million bucks as soon as you put it on. Plus, you won’t have to spend all your savings on it.

People have shared their luckiest findings from thrift stores, and Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to show you our favorite ones!

1. “I thrifted this dress for my prom. Total cost = $30”

2. “This 100% silk emerald green dress for $8! Here are some different fits with stuff from this week’s haul.”

3. “This shirt cost 50 cents, but it’s priceless to me!”

4. “Girlfriend’s thrifted ball gown for $12”

5. “This crazy Pop Art vintage sweater was just too cool to resist. The thing is massive!”

6. “Wore this vintage dress to a wedding. Bought it for $12!”

7. “Went with my friend to the thrift store, and he found 3 versions of his favorite shirt in different colors.”

8. “I picked this up for £5, and it’s the first dress I’ve bought in person since coming out.”

9. “Found this dress at a vintage store. Thanks to my grandma, it’s now the perfect summer dress!”

10. “Dress, earrings, and necklace all from the local thrift shop! Total: $52”

11. “Been thrifting for years, but this has got to be my favorite sweater yet!”

12. “This vintage Escada suit has me feeling some type of way.”

13. “My daughter wanted to be a fancy witch for Halloween. This $7 dress is perfect. She’s pretty excited.”

14. “100% silk jacket that found me at the local Goodwill. Now I can go out feeling like a rich chick.”

15. “Found a backpack a while ago, finally found the matching pants in my size. They were sold in a catalog in 1972.”

16. “Tailored silk opera coat and wiggle dress for $16 total. The dress fits like a glove, and the details are amazing.”

“I am absolutely loving it. The pattern, the cut, everything. It fits you beautifully.”

17. “Started a new job this week, and thrifted the perfect Banana Republic wrap dress for work.”

18. “Vintage velvet evening gown — $1; velvet trimmed tux — $14.99. Perfect finds for a Casino Royale-themed dinner party”

19. “I am absolutely insane over this ’60s coat! I was so excited, I’m 6’2” so vintage things rarely fit me."

20. “I found this beautiful gown for $9.99 at my local thrift store!”

Which item did you find the most surprising? What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought at a thrift store?

Preview photo credit caccixo / Reddit


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