15 People Who Had Great Timing When Taking a Photo

2 years ago

Keeping a camera with you at all times, even if it’s a phone, sometimes pays off. In rare instances, people manage to capture truly fascinating moments, like a pink pigeon walking around, and a few hysterical ones as well. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s during family time or while you’re commuting to work, because social media loves it all.

Now I’ve Seen Everything invites you to scroll through this compilation of perfectly-timed shots. It might just put a smile on your face!

1. We don’t think that’s how it works.

2. “This tire cover I spotted earlier today...”

3. “My friend’s nephew today”

4. “Really, REALLY big tires I saw on my drive to work”

5. “I caught the moment my husky realized that we had driven up to the snow line on the mountain.”

6. “This is me, age 4 (1989), so stoked for a Ghostbusters toy from my mom that I went full derp”

7. “How was your delivery? It was AARGHYGAHGAHAHAHA!”

8. “My jam was so happy to be finally out of the cupboard.”

9. “My cat doesn’t like it when we clean up her face.”

10. “My brother’s camera flash went off while I was taking a photo, splitting it in half with light.”

11. “A lizard laying against viewing glass”

12. “My western, summer vacation masterpiece”

13. “A pink pigeon on a UK high street”

14. “2 hummingbirds landed at the same time on my rods while out fishing.”

15. “This license plate cracked me up the other day.”

Do you have any laugh-out-loud moments that were caught on camera?

Preview photo credit Winsthorne / Reddit


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