Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

10+ People Shared Their Unlucky Experiences Proving No One Is Immune to Bad Luck

On certain days, we may think that fate is actually putting our patience to the test because of an awful turn of circumstances in our lives. We may be going about our daily lives when unfortunate events of all types strike and dramatically change our mood. Even while we should not let these situations affect how we conduct our lives, we might look on the positive side and laugh about it when we think about what happened.

1. ’’This is why you shouldn’t wear jeans with holes on sunny days."

2. “Had to check and see if there was pressure in the pipe. Well yes, there was. P.S., It’s black car paint.”

3. “Turns out I don’t need to go that badly...”

4. “Someone is going to have a bad day.”

5. “Just rented an RV for the weekend, forgot to take off the glass when cooking.”

6. “Wife went to a Christmas party tonight at a former premier league stadium. This is the meal they paid £35 for.”

7. “The $9 PB&J I bought.”

8. “Been asking the landlord to investigate the sagging roof in my kitchen for months now, came home to find this tonight.”

9. “Ripped my pants at work. On my birthday. My coworkers assured me it was ‘not that noticeable’.”

10. “Barefoot on an armrest. Also constantly loud talking and laughing in the quiet zone.”

11. “My glasses finally came. Paid $375 and decided to save $80 and not get insurance, and my daughter got ahold of them 2 hours after arriving.”

12. “The one time I didn’t use a lingerie bag in the laundry.”

13. “Probably the worst thing to ever happen.”

14. “Friend offers to make nachos and this is what you get. How do you respond?”

15. “It’s better than nothing.”

What is the greatest bad luck story you have ever heard?

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