Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

14 Photos That Will Make You Wonder If Your Eyes Are Deceiving You

Some photos are so confusing that it’s hard to guess what exactly is going on in them. Balconies and shopping carts floating in the air and a sunrise that you can see in the mirror but not the actual window can easily make you scratch your head trying to figure them out.

Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared a collection of such pics for you to have a little brain workout.

“Found this levitating shopping cart.”

“You can see the sunrise in the mirror but not in the actual window.”

Not a landscape photo, just a close-up of the top of a broken fence post

“Took this picture right as my mom hit the rough part of the road and it came out strange.”

“Floating balconies”

“That’s not a necklace. Her drool joined together when she was waiting for treats.”

“This is not a mirror.”

“This not-yet-opened Poppy flower looks like it grew teeth.”

“A reflective light switch on a mirror”

“Saw a dog driving a van yesterday. That bad boy was speeding.”

“The stair slide: the fastest way to get downstairs!”

“I was moving at the exact same speed as the motorist, so he’s not blurry.”

“My kid tore a page in his book and created a monster.”

“My sister’s hand passing through my cat’s body”

Do you enjoy solving puzzles? What’s the most baffling photo you’ve ever taken? Don’t overlook the comments, it’s where the fun continues!

Preview photo credit Odinlarsen / Reddit
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