Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 People Who Know the Feeling of Disappointment All Too Well

No one enjoys being let down, but sometimes there’s simply no way to avoid it. Hopefully, it helps build character, and luckily most of the time it becomes a funny anecdote further down the road. People online help to remind us that it happens to the best of us, and it’s not something to be ashamed of.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered a few instances in which folks had their expectations completely shattered.

1. “I thought it was going to be easy to put on.”

2. “I bought this Bob Ross chia pet. These are not happy trees.”

3. “I ordered an eyeshadow palette online and this is what arrived. Completely unusable.”

4. The twirls have seen better days.

5. “When you buy a $120 iPhone:”

6. That just won’t happen if you take butter straight from the fridge.

7. “Group necklaces I bought online.”

8. This is so far from reality.

9. “The top is pottery that my mom got in Germany, the bottom is my attempt to make it in my ceramics class.”

10. “When you binge a bake show and think you have it in you”

11. “Bought some ‘FLOAM’ like substance for my daughter for $5. Just wow.”

12. It shouldn’t be this melted right from the machine, right?

13. “This coffee table was supposed to bring elegance to the living room.”

14. “What it’s supposed to look like, what it actually looks like, and why.”

15. Wonderful wavy hair

Have you ever been disappointed when your expectations were super high? Was it something that you didn’t do as well as you expected or something you bought?

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