17 Famous Men Who Couldn’t Care Less About Hollywood Standards and Showed Their Real Bodies

8 months ago

Hollywood imposes strict standards on people: perfect teeth, smooth skin, and toned bodies. Lately, more and more women are rebelling against these standards and showing their real bodies, and we welcome these changes. But let’s not forget about men: they also want to be themselves.

Rob Lowe posted an honest selfie, showing wrinkles and freckles.

Jason Momoa shows his fans how he can inflate his belly after a hearty lunch.

Conor McGregor does not hide his desire for perfectly smooth skin. For this reason, the boxer is not averse to using cosmetic tricks.

Alec Benjamin also approaches life with irony. After touching his face after eating jalapeño, the singer had to urgently dunk his head in milk.

And Jack Black got covered in foam from head to toe.

Taylor Lautner decided to try out some new patches, but the experiment was unsuccessful. So, the actor warned his fans about it with an eloquent photo.

At home, Dwayne Johnson sheds the “Rock” image and, with a light flick of his daughter’s hand, transforms into a princess.

The same happened to Sam Claflin.

Will Smith loves his body in any condition and proudly shows it off to his fans.

And it’s not a problem for musician Kyle Gass.

Timothée Chalamet is never against entertaining his fans. In one of his latest posts, he appeared in front of them with a finger in his nose.

To start off the year 2023, Chris Pratt decided to take a selfie with his face smeared in mud.

Jensen Ackles, on the other hand, decided to show his fans the “hairy” sacrifices actors make for their future roles.

And David Schwimmer likes fooling around with foam on his face.

Lewis Capaldi has chosen the same tactic and doesn’t even hide his stretch marks on his stomach.

Channing Tatum doesn’t care about Hollywood standards; he’s not in a rush to get his teeth straightened.

Brave Tracy Morgan bared his stomach right on the Emmy Awards red carpet.

We are glad that people are increasingly showing their real bodies and not feeling ashamed of acne, wrinkles, or stretch marks. Take a look at these famous women who embrace their appearance from head to toe.


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