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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Times People Struggled to Explain What Their Eyes Just Saw

We’ve all probably taken pictures that somehow look not at all like what we’d expected when we pushed the button. A camera’s strange angle or position might play tricks on our eyes, making us see things that weren’t originally there or vice versa — thinking that something disappeared.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found such photos that Internet users shared, and we’re offering this fun test to see if you can easily understand what’s going on.

1. “A relative sent me this pic from a park.”

2. “A fish exiting the elevator.”

3. “Mirror or window?”

4. “Transparent mountains”

5. “A dog-chicken centaur”

6. “Floating next to the dog.”

7. “A building near my house looks like a wall.”

8. “Weird headless creature, or a dog enjoying the start of spring?”

9. “Is the pole going through the table?”

10. “Which paw goes with which leg?”

11. “Didn’t know if she was in or out for a minute.”

12. “These stairs at a restaurant I went to look like a painting.”

13. These reflections on a glass building

14. This roof that extends for way too long

15. “The dunes of Namibia on a duvet cover”

16. “I found a 2-headed duck!”

Which of the pictures above messed with your eyesight the most?

Preview photo credit Marssav_24 / Reddit
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