Taylor’s Face Was Tattooed Against Her Will by Her Ex. Now She Gets the Chance to Start a New Life

7 months ago

At 21, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend played a deceitful hand by adorning her face with inappropriate tattoos. Fast forward to 37, and she was still burdened by these markings. But then, a compassionate stranger stepped in, extending a helping hand to rid Taylor of the tattoos that had haunted her for years.

Meet Taylor White, a woman whose face got tattooed without her permission.

A lady in Florida says that she got unwanted tattoos on her face when she was 21. She tells a story of having a boyfriend who was mean to her. On her 21st birthday, she went out to celebrate, but her boyfriend and his friends did something bad.

She can’t remember everything clearly, but she woke up in the hotel feeling very hurt, thinking something bad happened to her. To her shock, when she looked in the mirror, she saw that her face had really awful tattoos on it.

Now, a kind stranger is helping her remove these tattoos.

She tried to conceal the tattoos with makeup. But her boss noticed them showing through it, and that’s when she realized she couldn’t keep living like that. Her boss told her, “You can’t live like this,” and he offered to cover up the tattoos with blackout ink, so she could have a “normal life.” She agreed to this in 2008, but even then, she kept getting turned down for jobs.

Then, something remarkable happened. A TikTok user called TheDadBot accidentally came across her livestream. He had heard her story and seen her videos about her bipolar disorder, and he felt the need to help Taylor.

Surprisingly, Removery offered the procedure for free, normally a costly service.

In an interview, Karridy noted that the challenges Taylor faced had a noticeable personal impact on her. He believed that these challenges were hindering her from reaching her full potential. Karridy also generously offered to cover the expenses of the tattoo removal and reached out to multiple clinics to assist with the laser surgery.

Incredibly, a laser tattoo-removal company called Removery agreed to provide the removal procedure for free, which would typically cost thousands of dollars.

She isn’t doing this solely for her appearance.

Carmen VanderHeiden Brodie, the VP of Clinical Operations at Removery, mentioned that it might take up to two years for Taylor to become tattoo-free. However, during her initial session, Taylor was seen ’smiling.’

But this doesn’t discourage Taylor. She has new aspirations after the tattoo removal and now aims to work in the mental health care field. At 37 years old, Taylor explained, “I’m not having it removed purely for cosmetic reasons. This is really removing a part of me that I no longer represent or live in.”

Taylor’s story of getting rid of those unwanted tattoos on her face is pretty amazing. She didn’t give up, and that’s something we can all admire. It’s not just about making her face look better; it’s about leaving behind a tough part of her life and moving forward.

Taylor has taken to sharing her life journey on TikTok, where she currently has 40K followers, in an effort to destigmatize mental health issues. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can help others understand that individuals with bipolar disorder can be highly impulsive and self-destructive. If you recognize these phases in yourself or a loved one, seeking help is the best course of action.

We wish Taylor to get rid of the tattoos, and hope her ex-boyfriend won’t get away with it. Meanwhile, sometimes even the tattoos we willingly get can lose their allure. These celebrities certainly know what that’s like and have decided to remove their tattoos.


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