Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

16 People Whose Brains Aren’t Trapped in Any Box

One of the most important assets someone can have is imagination that climbs the highest mountains. This is what helps people innovate, think outside the box and solve problems that arise in everyday life. Not only that, but increased imagination helps you stay young, not in your face but in your soul. You get to experience life in a way only kids do, since you don’t restrain your thinking to the limits that reality has set in place.

1. “My zip ties sewing job.”

2. “Would you like a cup of teeth?”

3. The perfect way to charge your phone.

4. A test for those leaving the bar

5. At the highest level of parenting.

6. “Tattooed socks.”

7. “My dog has been putting his head under the pillow against the light so he could sleep. I thought of a better solution.”

8. A tight fitting boot enhances the natural curvature of the pipe.

9. “Turn, but really slowly...”

10. The solution to an eternal problem has been found.

11. ’’My mom is always complaining about the smell in my teenage brother’s room. She walked in his room to find his solution.’’

12. Anti-theft system

13. “Ran out of clips? Use an old glasses case.”

14. Another function of binder clips

15. “These log-based supports for some Appalachian trail bridges. Honestly impressed.”

16. No one can steal your gas now.

Do you try to solve your problems in conventional ways or do you let your mind run free and think of unusual solutions as long as they work?

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