Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

16 Photos That Are Desperate for a Behind-the-Scenes Explanation

1.72 trillion photos are taken every single year in the world and that number is set to increase by 2030. Many of these photos end up in the trash though and only a few of them are kept on people’s phones. And some of them happen to be accidental surprises that we cherish more than any other photo.

Now I’ve Seen Everything gathered 16 highly confusing pictures no one could have planned even if they wanted to.

1. “Floating cat?”

2. “Nice legs, sir.”

3. “Dog is my pilot”

4. “Levitating hand”

5. Little arm, big guy

6. “A casual head”

7. “This banana painted on the floor of a grocery store.”

8. “My dog’s leg under her head seems to be coming through her mouth.”

9. “She has her mother’s hands.”

10. “My cat forgot her body. She is just a head now.”

11. Baguette or maybe not?

12. “It looks like the girl on the left was facing her friend, then turned her head unnaturally at the last second.”

13. “Just a guy wearing a hoodie”

14. “Mr. Tiny Arm has a birthday.”

15. “Accidentally created a porcupine by pouring instant coffee over an Americano.”

16. “Your shoulders doing okay?”

Have you ever taken an accidental and confusing picture like these?

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