Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 People Whose Lives Turned Into a Comedy Scene

Life has a sarcastic sense of humor and loves to show it to us every now and then without any notice. And while we might get confused or annoyed at the unexpected situations that we encounter, we should always remember to take them lightly and have a good laugh. Because these surprising yet hilarious moments are the memories we end up loving the most.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we never want to miss the chance for a good laugh. We’ll share with you a collection of situations and sights that will add a wide grin to your face.

1. The very first lime harvest

2. ’’My husband was so excited about his custom card.’’

3. ’’This monkey suddenly appeared and started licking our window.’’

4. ’’My wife asked me why I smelled like a wet dog.’’

5. ’’I asked my crush what she was doing, and she sent me this.’’

6. “My nana asked me to fix her phone because ’the outside clock is always showing the wrong time.’”

7. ’’My boyfriend’s sister tried to fix some broken decorations.’’

8. ’’Police pulled me over, asked me why I keep a baseball bat in my car.’’

9. ’’Our yard ornament was stolen 3 months ago. Today it showed up in our yard, but with a new touch.’’

10. ’’I live with my grandparents and this is where I found the TV remote this morning.’’

11. ’’My dad after realizing he ate half his sandwich with the wrapper on.’’

12. ’’My 2 friends who are dating just got a place together. The girl and I were out and came back to see this on the wall.’’

13. ’’What the life of a 6’2″ girl is like’’

14. ’’My wife was excited to hear that there was a vegetarian option during the BBQ for Teacher Appreciation Week. It was this.’’

15. ’’Today I’m the only person in the office. I found out that this is the underside of my co-worker’s mouse.’’

16. ’’My wife met a monkey.’’

17. ’’The photos dad sends me of the new kitten he doesn’t want.’’

18. ’’My grandma got bit by a pelican and then began to scold it.’’

Do you often find yourself in comical situations? When was the last time you had uncontrollable laughter?

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