My Husband Married Me for Money. But He Got What He Deserved After My Father’s Death

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It’s good to have financial capital that ensures a comfortable life. However, in such cases, there’s a risk of encountering a partner who lies about love but is actually only after money. How can one recognize such a scammer? Our heroine’s father managed to expose a cunning husband even after his death.

A woman wrote us a letter to tell her non-trivial family story.

Laura, a 39-year-old woman, began her letter by sharing her recent loss — her father’s passing. She continues to grieve deeply, as she had a profound and special connection with her dad. He raised her single-handedly after becoming a widower when Laura’s mother passed away when he was just 20 years old.

Laura disclosed that her father was a highly successful lawyer, often featured in various media outlets and widely recognized as a public figure. His success was attributed to his exceptional talent; he won numerous cases that others deemed impossible, earning him the nicknames “wizard” and “genius” among his peers. Many in the legal profession considered him a mentor from whom they learned valuable lessons.

Given his remarkable abilities, it’s no surprise that Laura’s father was very affluent. His net worth was nearly a billion dollars, and he owned several prominent law firms, extensive property, and luxury vehicles.

Laura’s dad taught her a special attitude towards money and wealth.

As a single father, Laura’s dad aimed to impart strong values to his daughter, including a responsible approach to finances. Laura shared that he taught her the importance of modesty and frugality, emphasizing that despite their wealth, she should never flaunt her privileged status. She recounted, “I attended a regular school and pursued a legal education, all without my dad’s intervention. He didn’t even assist me in preparing for entrance exams, insisting that I follow his path and start from the ground up, without skipping any steps.”

Upon graduating with honors and securing a position at a small law firm, her father expressed immense pride in her accomplishments. He declined to offer her a job at his larger firms, reiterating that she must forge her own path to success. Laura added, “Despite my father’s fame, I never sought media attention alongside him. His impeccable reputation and talent were solely for his benefit, not mine. I never objected; I understood his intention. He wanted to ensure that my future would rely on my efforts, not on his wealth or influence, after he passed away.”

Laura’s father didn’t appreciate her boyfriend, but didn’t interfere.

When Laura began dating Max, a classmate from university, her father viewed him with skepticism. During their initial meeting, her father subjected Max to a barrage of questions, and Max didn’t meet his “personal standards.”

Reflecting on those times, Laura said, “Dad often warned me about Max, calling him lazy and spoiled, suggesting that Max was interested in his fame and wealth from the start. But I believed it was just my father being protective, and while I appreciated his concern, I didn’t dwell too much on his opinions about Max.”

Max, on his part, never broached the topic of money in his conversations with Laura, reinforcing her belief in his sincerity. They got married a year before her father’s passing, and their relationship appeared to be happy both personally and professionally, as they both pursued their careers with passion and dedication.

Right after Laura’s father’s death, things took a shocking turn.

When Laura’s father passed away, she was deeply grieving. She recalled a peculiar incident involving Max during this difficult time. Laura shared, “Instead of comforting me and providing support during my mourning, Max immediately brought up the topic of my inheritance, asking about how much I would receive after my father’s passing.” This question caught her off guard, reminding her of her father’s earlier warnings about Max’s intentions and his focus on her family’s wealth.

Laura recounted, “When Max asked about my inheritance, I was taken aback and responded with surprise, saying, ’What inheritance? I’m not receiving anything from my father; I’m not even mentioned in his will.’” Max seemed to take her words lightly, perhaps attributing them to stress or disbelief after her father’s funeral, assuming she was joking. Laura clarified, “I won’t inherit anything from my father because I’m not his biological daughter. I was adopted a year before my mother passed away, and although my father raised me as his own, he never intended to include me in his will. I’ve known this fact all my life.”

Max vanished as soon as he heard the “bad news” Laura had for him.

Laura shared that after Max discovered she wouldn’t inherit anything from her father, he promptly filed for divorce. About a month later, Laura arranged a meeting with Max in the presence of a family friend who was her father’s business partner.

During the dinner, the family friend revealed the contents of Laura’s father’s will to Max. It stipulated that if Max stayed married to Laura for at least five years after her father’s passing, he would receive half of the inheritance, with the other half going to Laura. However, in the event of divorce, Laura would inherit all of her father’s wealth and property.

In her closing remarks, Laura expressed satisfaction, saying, “Seeing my ex’s shocked expression and his inability to respond was immensely gratifying. It felt like my father’s plan had been fulfilled, and he could now rest in peace knowing that I would be fine without that ’lazy, spoiled kid’ in my life.”

Money often becomes a source of disagreement even among the closest people. Here’s the story of another woman who was shocked by her mother-in-law’s actions: she asked for money for babysitting her grandson.

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