Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

17 Times Nature Proved to Be the Ultimate Mystery Movie

Mother nature is always keeping room for surprise, proving that she’s very far from being boring or predictable. And even though scientists have been studying species for centuries and researching about plants, we still know very little about nature. And some people say that the eccentric sights we can come across are due to genetic mutations explained by science. However, others believe that the reason behind them is an inexplicable mystery, that the human kind will never be able to uncover.

Now I’ve Seen Everything understands that the more we learn about nature, the more we discover we know nothing about it. And here are some fascinating sights that will prove to you that our Universe is a box of miraculous wonders.

1. Albino turtle

2. ’’Each of my hands are different size, shape and color.’’

3. ’’This shoe being reclaimed by Nature.’’

4. Banana van Gogh

5. Rock inside a rock

6. “My drain was blocked so I pulled it up and a frog came out.”

7. “MB almost fully devoured by 2 trees.”

8. “My yard has a mole problem, but I never thought I’d find an albino! Chance of 1:100,000.”

9. “This wolf footprint I found last summer near a local forest”

10. “A tree eating my child”

11. ’’This perfect cluster of apples.’’

12. “It looks like we cracked an egg that contained an egg that contained an egg.”

13. “My fern looks like a tarantula.”

14. “The railings at my apartment make this really cool shadow.”

15. “I had the privilege of watching 2 baby hummingbirds grow up in my backyard from jellybean eggs to independent birds.”

16. “I saw this beauty on our walk tonight.”

17. ’’I found a mussel with natural goggle eyes.’’

What pic did you like the most and why? How often do you notice things that surprise you?

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