Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Tricky Brain Teasers That Are Waiting Anxiously to Find Their Masters

Mental exercises, such as puzzles, riddles and quizzes have a variety of benefits for the human brain. First of all, they all increase our concentration and therefore make our mental abilities better. And it’s even better when you try to solve puzzles that are a bit harder than you’re used to. In fact, your brain will appreciate that increased level of difficulty and will get more satisfaction when you finally get to solve them.

15 Riddles That Won’t Let You Sleep Until You Solve Them

Exercising your body is important, but it’s equally vital to never stop exercising your brain. By doing so, we don’t only strengthen our neural pathways but also build new ones, which means that our memories can live longer. One way to do that is by solving riddles that force us to unlock a new level of thinking.

6 Puzzles That Can Break the Ice at Every Party

Throughout adulthood, many of us attend family or friend gatherings. It is normal to feel nervous — even more so when we meet new people for the first time. That is why we could prepare ourselves to break the ice by proposing some mental challenges that will allow us to get along and possibly have a great time testing our deduction skills.

Test: 15 Riddles That Will Bring Out the Inner Detective in You

One fascinating thing about watching investigative shows or documentaries is how the authorities search for clues and put the pieces together, until they solve the case. Detective work is not an easy job for sure, and it requires excellent observation skills and a lot of critical thinking.

The First Thing You See Will Give You a Few Answers About Yourself

Psychology is a science that can read us like a book not only from the big actions we make, but even from the smallest gestures. The way we phrase something and the way we go through everyday life can reveal a bunch of stuff about our personality. And it’s fun to be able to see those traits we have by just looking at a few pictures.

14 Logical Problems That Will Require Your Best Effort to Solve

Problems are a part of everyone’s life and we are always challenged to find solutions. But, there are some problems that we would be glad and try to solve. Puzzles, riddles, and other brain teasers are very popular with many people since, if solved, they give them a nice feeling about themselves and their brain capacity.

14 Riddles You Will Need to Devote Some Time and Energy Before Trying to Solve

Our bodies and minds are built to receive challenges and adapt to them in order to find solutions and overcome them. Our muscles tend to upgrade and grow the more difficult the tasks someone gives us are. That’s why it is highly beneficial to challenge ourselves and push us towards bettering our brains and bodies.

14 Brain Teasing Riddles That Will Give You a Hard Time

Most people think that the only way to measure how smart they are is by finding out their IQ level. However, this isn’t 100% accurate since there are many other ways to test how smart you are. Also, your IQ level could be below average, but you could be great at what you do.

15 Challenging Images That Will Test How Attentive You Are

Not only are puzzles entertaining, they’re also known for improving things like our problem-solving skills. And, we aren’t just talking about jigsaw puzzles but all sorts of brain teasers that help our mind stay sharp. It can be as simple as taking 5 minutes to find the odd one out in some images.

20 Challenging Enigmas That Can Make Any Mind Spin

Having fun while working out is the best of both worlds. It’s good for our body and it put a grin on our faces. Well, that’s exactly what happens when you take on a riddle, since it improves our cognitive skills in the most entertaining way possible. Fortunately, there are countless different puzzles you can keep trying to solve, so getting bored is never an option.

15+ Tricky Riddles That Will Make You Use Logic to the Fullest

Solving riddles is very good for us: it not only makes our memory stronger but also enhances our problem-solving skills, which we use all the time in our lives. What’s more, they help us be more productive, and even boost our mood.

Test Your Vision and Find the Odd Ones Out in These 15 Pictures

Different kinds of puzzles help people strengthen their cognitive skills and their ability to think things through in a reasonable way. Visual puzzles are also very popular since they invite people to find the things that are hidden. No matter the kind of puzzle, it’s great to know that you can train your brain so easily.

17 Riddles That Will Make You Turn on Your Brain Jets

Riddles have been around for centuries, dating back to the Greek mythology and the “The Riddle of the Sphinx.” So, humans have always been interested in working their brains out and find solutions to problems that look easy. Maybe it’s their need to feel smart or smarter than those around them.

13 Crafty Riddles That Even the Smartest of You Might Find Difficult to Solve

Riddles and logical puzzles aren’t only suitable for adults, but also for kids. They are a great way to keep children engaged in school and keep them in an active instead of a passive state of mind. There are so many different types of riddles, puzzles and quizzes that can be enjoyed both by kids and adults. And you may be surprised if children solve some of them faster than adults.

Test: Find Out How Good Your Attention to Detail Is With These 11 Illustrations

Life is full of details that sometimes go unnoticed and make us pay extra attention, such as when we can’t find something at home, when our friends see something in an image that we can’t perceive, or to discover what is hidden behind a visual riddle. In all these moments, a good detective’s eye can help us to make sure that nothing escapes us.

Challenge Yourself to Solve These 11 Riddles as Fast as You Can

Once we become adults, many of us may think we can solve everything. If we’re really honest though, there can always be one challenge or another that gives us some stress goosebumps. At this point, we face two options — either we make up our minds and practice, or we stay behind and let our super-powerful eyesight lose its touch.

Test: Prove How Attentive You Are to Detail With These 10 Images

Sometimes even the most obvious things can go unnoticed. Yes, “perfect” eyesight can also betray us from time to time. That’s why it’s good to exercise those skills we think we’ve mastered. After all, whoever has a hawk’s eye wouldn’t have to fear the practice, right?

Test: Prove Your Visual Skills Are Out of the Ordinary by Finding the Mistake in 17 Pictures

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find “a needle in a haystack”, especially if you’re not fully focused. But you know that anything is possible if you pay enough attention to the details, especially if you have good eyesight. Maybe there are times when your mind seems to be floating around and you don’t even notice the most obvious mistakes. That’s why it never hurts to put your visual skills to the test to gain some practice.

15 Riddles That Will Turn Your Brain Into a Super Computer

Exercising our mind every day helps increase concentration and memory. The best part is that it helps us stay more focused on daily tasks. Want to do some mental weights? Whether at home or on the go, the following puzzles can help you think creatively while boosting your mind.

Test: Can You Find the Hidden Objects in Less Than 5 Seconds?

Many times we could consider ourselves masters in some things, but do we really have the touch for everything? For example, if we talk about sight, we can say that there are two types of people: those who are ultra-distracted and don’t even notice things under their noses, and others who have the superpower of a laser beam to detect the smallest detail, like a needle in a haystack. Which team are you from?