18 Cool Pictures That You May Only See Once in Your Life

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There are many ways the internet benefits our lives and the spread of knowledge is one of them. It’s not only online courses that anyone can have access to, but also free forums and websites where people share their experiences. Something as simple as a photo can help us discover things we had no idea existed.

Now I’ve Seen Everything can never get enough of unusual things we don’t get to see everyday. That’s why we turned to the internet for 18 new unique sightings.

1. “Interesting reflection caught on the Colorado River in Austin, Texas. Almost looks like an underwater city.”

2. “22 years of wearing a toe ring.”

3. “Texture error”

4. ’’A fingerprint baked into this deep-dish pizza crust"

5. Shoe inception.

6. “These sausages look like fingers.”

7. “My hotel in Istanbul served a whole honeycomb for breakfast.”

8. "The singular cucumber my parents grew after a year of gardening’’

9. "Heart purse’’

10. "Our front stairs randomly collapsed today.’’

11. “This juice package explains a life hack for how to smoothly pour your drink.”

12. “My glass is slightly bent over.”

13. “The pavement is for peasants.”

14. “These 2 men in a fender bender are dressed in the same colors as their cars.”

15. “My 6-year-old’s adult teeth are coming in, and the gap looks like the Batman symbol.”

16. "She is beauty, she is grace, she is a pie with a face.’’

17. "A spider that looks like a leaf’’

18. “I found a car in Toronto overgrown with plants , on a busy street parked beside other cars.”

Ordinary things are everywhere and we just don’t pay attention to them anymore. But, what about not ordinary things? Have you ever noticed anything that made you grab your phone and take a picture of it?


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